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Kumo alpha (Playtest)

‚ÄčKUMO is an emotionally powerful journey of a young boy in a land once forgotten. · By KumoDev

Videos! Let's Plays and Feedback

A topic by CoalFire created 13 days ago Views: 33
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So, from what's here in the demo, it looks like a pretty good start. Kind of an establishment of the art style and basic mechanics. But what worries me is how similar it all feels to its potential inspiration. I played Journey pretty recently and this feels more like a copy of that than it does its own unique experience and I think a big focus needs to be made as to what is going to differentiate this game from its inspiration. It's not a bad start by any means, but it doesn't feel original right now. And since it looks like this is a kickstarter demo, if the game doesn't manage to make clear how this isn't Journey, I don't think its going to be a very attractive proposition. It's still a fantastic start and I'm curious to see where it goes though! Best of luck to you, I know being a solo dev is crazy tough.