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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Great start

A topic by Mak-a-Face created Jan 03, 2019 Views: 122 Replies: 3
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It's not bad of a start, just a few things I find difficult at the beginning.

1.  When using the workbench, didn't know what the ingredient I needed to collect. Hovering over top of the ingredient should give you some information similar to the storage module does.

2.  Interacting with the biofuel generator for the first time, you get a dialog that pops up and shows you what you need to fuel it. So why not just use this dialog to feed the generator instead of having to switch to the correct inventory slot then click on the generator. this is quite cumbersome.

3. Using the shovel & axe, was another thing that I found very difficult. Perhaps a different means of selecting your tools would be better suitable.

4.  Inventory slots, being able to move items to different slots would be very helpful especially with the tools.

5.  Storage module, when dropping multiple items, it would be nice if you could drop all items or perhaps a scroll bar to select the amount of items you'd like to drop.

6.  Rocks, this constant accumulation of rocks is kind of pointless when you think about it. It would be better if we had the choice to pick these rocks up instead of automatically picking them up. And if you don't pick them up, they will disappear after a certain amount of time.

I got six hours in already and am enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work.


More tooltips on the crafting screen recipe ingredients is def a good idea.

You can re-arrange your inventory by drag and dropping items.

You can also transfer whole stacks in the storage UI via Shift-Click.


Thanks for the quick tip on dropping items. :)  I noticed that you can use the "shift + q" to drop all selected items also but it didn't work if you shift-click on the inventory slot.

As for moving items in the inventory, it only allows you to swap items and if your shovel breaks, all the items in your inventory will move closer to the end. I was looking more for a way to move items that I don't really use often to the opposite end.

And before I forget, another thing I found a bit frustrating was when digging or harvesting. If you moved accidentally or slipped on the mouse button, the progress bar would reset and you would have to begin all over again. It would be nice if you could just continue where you left off. I do understand that the progress bar needs to be reset after a certain amount of time has elapsed just so you don't end up with a whole bunch of deposits having different progress bars on them.

Whoops, I just noticed that I didn't need to press and hold to use any of the tools. I just needed to click once. So used to doing that in other games. :P