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[PC] 100th (RPG)

A topic by IDG created Aug 22, 2016 Views: 125
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The village of Fengari was once a peaceful place. Adventurers gather here to explore the tower of Palpyrgos. Everything was at peace.But, everything changed in a blink of an eye. The monsters in the tower of Palpyrgos began to attack the village. All adventurers are called to defeat the monsters and conquer the tower of Palypyrgos.Do you have the courage? LIVE OR DIE. Begin your adventure now and conquer the 100 floors of Palypyrgos!



.Items and inventory

.Leveling system

.Character customization


.Skills and Abilities

.Crafting system

.No class system. Be anything you want!


Here are some screenshots of the early phase development

I'll keep on posting whenever I made progress. Thank you guys and have a nice day. :)