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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Trait and Grade related suggestions to the Prostitution and Escort jobs

A topic by Ozymandias42 created 54 days ago Views: 190
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The trait has been around for quite a bit and the description has always said it gave a bonus. 
Checking jobs& however revealed that not to be the case. I propose a 1.2 multiplier on gold for it.
In addition I propose bonuses or stress reductions for the Exotic Whore job for the 'Likes it Rough' and 'Masochist' traits.

As for the Escort job, I did the maths and with optimal values (4 for send based on unmodified human (endurance-wise only) it produces 8% less gold than Exotic Whore. I suggest correcting that by adding a modifier bound to the slaves grade.

EDIT: As the code is now, the gold-modifiers act consecutively on each other. An alternative might be to add up the modifiers and have them take effect as a single (bigger) one at the end or to calculate their effect on the base gold instead of on the gold value that happened to be in effect after the last modifier check. Of course this would impact the overall possible gold for the jobs by quite a bit.