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EarthBound Omega

An EarthBound fangame with lots of cool things to do! · By TheJullasicFox

Special DirectX version?

A topic by DaedalusMachina created 20 days ago Views: 28 Replies: 1
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How about just telling people what version of DirectX is requird?
There's DirectX v9.0c and then there's versions after that which are only available within the OS itself and not downloadable through any place other than the Windows Update site.

This seems to be a glorified game mod.  You could've taken all this talent and made something a bit more 'inspired by' instead of 'a game based off of' a popular game.  Look at UnderTale and how it has that EarthBound-style spirit but without needing to clone it.

I'm curious why this is on itch if it is just a game mod (of sorts) instead of an original game.

Developer (1 edit)

1. Yes, it is DirectX 9.0c

2. It's fine to have games based off of others here. This isn't a game mod either, it has it's own engine and was made with Game Maker Studio. EarthBound was released on the SNES in 1994.
Funny you mention Undertale, there's plenty of Undertale fangames on here too.

And I put hours of effort into this game just to have some fun stuff for the fans, and to make others happy. If I wanted money I'd make an original game. (which I will do next year)

Thanks for being first thread creator though

(Then again an ORIGINAL version of this game is also coming)

P.S. Shigesato Itoi said to continue the series, he'd rather be playing than making.

I'm doing just that, can't blame me.