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I'm very interested in trying out indie games that I haven't played before

A topic by Pizza Doggy created 10 days ago Views: 498 Replies: 45
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I find it very likely that a lot of cool games get lost in a stream of new projects being posted on this platform. I'm a big fan of indie horror games especially.

I'd like to ask you to post a link to your game's page here, if you don't mind! :)


Hi everyone! I'll play your games on the weekend and I'll give you feedback!


Alright, here are some of my games:

Raiders Rush

Fruits Survivors


Enjoy :D


I had some really good fun! Thank you DarkBloodbane! :)


You're welcome and thanks for playing :D


I'm not specifically into horror, unfortunately, but I can still post you something else.
RPG: The Fairy Tale
Puzzle: Cynthia Johnson
Cards: House of Cards (Not yet fully completed, but already playable. It's still alpha, so bugs can still be expected).

Well, I've more games (particularly on the RPG genre), but let's give you these first.


would love for you to check out my game!

It's a short 2D platformer.

I hope you will enjoy!

The art style is very unique, I'm glad I had a chance to play it!


I also have made a game, its a 2D action platformer called Geocharge, and fortuantly I have just made an update.



Do you have a problem?

Hi! I had played 5 or more games today, I'll play the other ones tomorrow. I don't have much free time, because I'm doing my thesis!

Good luck!

Thank you!

A hard game, but so much fun. Thank you for sharing it with me!


it is great that you like it, have a good day

Have a good day too!


I have some really hard game:


I have a few they aren't ultra scary but there is a grim/dark tone throughout 

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Its not a horror game but still have a look :)

Swords and voxels


Howdy, Pizza Dog! Here are some of my games to check out:

My most recent game, Y I ATA (Why I Oughta):

And here are some horror games


Late Night TV:

Any feedback is appreciated!


Sure, I'll post mine as well! I am working on a Baldur's Gate and Diablo-inspired action RPG called Battle Tower Royale. The demo has about 2 hours of content if you talk to all the characters, and I'm especially keen on getting feedback on how the game's combat feels.

The link to the game's page is here:

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If you like strategy games you can check out my game that I made for the 7DRL gamejam. It's essentially my interpretation of combining roguelikes with the board game genre.

Mead & Might by Nauti (

I would be very interested in hearing some feedback on the game.


I usually do visual novels. Blood of my blood is the only one I have that is spicy and spooky. Can i be of your interest?

Hi! Absolutely! I'm always open to try something new :)


Here you are

If you have any comments on this one, feel free to reach me on Discord my username is lauralaureus

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Hi again everyone! I'll play the rest of the games and leave feedback at some point the following week, I didn't get a chance to do any gaming today :(

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Hello! Here is a game you might like called airplane. It's not a 9/11 sim, and it is pretty fun!


Hey, if you're interested in horror or racing games, feel free to check out my page! 

Note: if you need a download key, lemme know :) 


Howdy! If I may, I just published my first game ever some days ago.

King Of Hearts

It's a top-down endless arena brawler with bosses and a light story that holds secrets that affect your possible ending. A little bit sassy too.

Hope you enjoy!


Midnight T-Rex - 2D rogue-lite with fishing! The themes are dinosaurs & halloween.


Thank you for sharing this! I'm getting back to playing the games from this thread this week. I have a lot of work with my thesis right now :(


Mine is a text-based choose your own adventure horror game:


Here's my ps1-style walking sim I made as a companion piece to my 2d top down biblical angel airplane shooter


Wow! Looks really cool, can't wait to try it!


Im working on a little comedy RPG in my free time, its not very good but id appreciate if you tried the demo! everything can be easily navigated straight from my main page enjoy : )


Hey, I'm developing a "platformer" and release a demo a while ago it received some significant updates recently.

The game is slightly challeging, but you can enable assist modes to reduce the difficulty or challenge youself to take all the points of finish as fast as possible to make it harder,

Hope you enjoy it.


Hi! The mechanics look really cool, I'm looking forward to playing this game!


Love at the milky way diner is our new visual  novel demo!


Hi there! The art style looks beautiful! I haven't played a visual novel ever before, so it will be a new experience to me! Thank you!


Thank you!! I hope you enjoy it <3

I'm sure I will! Best of everything to you!


This game is not finish yet! but you can try it here

Looks really cool, I'm a big fan of tower defense games! Looking forward to playing it!

This thread is growing really fast, I'm getting set for the next few weeks already! :D


Please feel free to check out my newly released horror game:

Absolutely! Thank you!

Hi, if you want to take a look into my browser games i would appreciate it: