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Great lil piece of gaming art :D

A topic by 847AM created Dec 28, 2018 Views: 82 Replies: 1
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It was a short but mysterious playthrough, great atmosphere, kinda reminded me of Yume Nikki. I played a few times, some questions;

There are only two ''endings''? (be swallowed by the light or falling between some buildings and hitting the ground?).
Normally i catch the themes of things, but, a can't manage to put the clues together, any hint :D
Now maybe this is a bug, but, if you press jump a lot of times really fast you can climb anything with a favorable angle, this kinda breks the immersion XD
Overall reallly unique and beautiful game.


There are two endings unless you can break the game somehow. 

Suicide or purgatory maybe?

The nature of the character controller I used. Couldn't exactly remove it and I wanted the player to still be able to jump around because it's fun. I made pretty sure that nothing would break if the player decided to jump around to unintended spots, so not a huge issue. Though, I can definitely see it being a strange feature of an otherwise somber game. Ha

Thank you for playing. I'm happy you enjoyed it :)