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Asset Forge

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Asset Forge running at very low FPS

A topic by Magic Workshop created 85 days ago Views: 48
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Hello! I purchased asset forge a few weeks ago and so far it runs perfectly on my main PC.

However I wanted to run it in a secondary pc I have which is potato-ish and it lags really bad. Specs are as follows:

-CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 245 (2.9GHz)


-OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits

-GPU: Nvidia Geforce 8400gs (450MHz core clock, 900MHz shader clock, 400MHz memory clock, 256MB memory ammount)

I suspect the problem is the GPU since I monitored the CPU and RAM usage and there seems to be no problem there. I tried setting the editor quality on Low in the configuration menu and nothing changes.

Is there any posible solution or my PC is just too bad?