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Cave Story Randomizer

A Cave Story mod which shuffles weapons, equipment, and upgrades. · By shru

[Fixed] ikachan medal glitch

A topic by rsbridge created Dec 27, 2018 Views: 54 Replies: 1
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The alien medal randomization update seems to have screwed up a thing, and doing a little stuff myself, actually found out why, and it looks like an easy fix. It appears the when the player is given the random item, it ends the whole scene, leaves you on a black screen, and doesn't transport the player. (<END at the end of the item just ends the whole thing, removing that would solve it.) (edit: also removing the <NOD so that the player doesn't have to mash through... invisible text. Because of black screen hiding everything.)

And here's an image. Trapped on a black screen, but still in the main artery. It did also reward the item it was supposed to give (which was the arms barrier).


Thanks for the bug report and the investigation into the issue!! It really makes my job a lot easier. Your diagnosis was 100% correct and I'll be releasing a hotfix for this issue momentarily.

Regarding the <NOD and text which is obscured by the black screen... You're definitely right that the way it is now kind of sucks. However, it's not totally trivial for me to fix because the <WAI0160<NOD is pretty much standard across all of the items. I'll figure out a clean way to do it eventually, but for now I hope everyone doesn't mind putting up with it.