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Updated: 2016-08-21, shop changes, new enemies, increased level limit Sticky

A topic by SnoutUp created Aug 18, 2016 Views: 342 Replies: 1
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here will be important information about changes in game updates. Don't expect order and details, because I don't take notes and forget things fast.


  • shop UI now shows compared buff values of shop and equipped items
  • little icon indicates inventory slot
  • changed how item prices are calculated
  • added new ranged enemy
  • added new surprise enemy
  • messed up all other enemy AIs, so they will act differently compared to previous update
  • increased enemy damage and made their attacks uninterruptible, so keep blocking!
  • changed some of the graphics a little bit
  • increased floor limit from 10 to 15 to see how imbalanced game gets later on


  • fixed a bug where charger enemies would idle after player blocks their initial attack
  • fixed a bug where some of the stats wouldn't count towards item unlocks
  • started collecting BEST stats, but don't get attached to those while game is under active development
  • added temporary display of item buffs in the shop
  • added temporary display of statistics after game ends
  • added temporary display of item unlocks and their requirements (might not be in the final game)
  • shops can be controlled with the button player uses, mouse is not needed anymore
  • shops should spawn with ~same distance between each other (this will be changed in the future)
  • minor balance tweaks
  • small bug fixes

Have fun and let me know what you think!

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wow.. this is cool men, im really enjoy your game :) congrats, anyway i hope you finish this game before #onebuttonjam end

i hope you can add sound soon ;)