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.model files

A topic by Meshugenah Games created 91 days ago Views: 47 Replies: 2
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I tried to export my work as an obj, but got a .model file which I can't seem to open. 

How do I fix this and how do I open the .model file?


Doublecheck where you're saving it.  Make sure you're using the Export > 3D option in the top-right.  Also, the filename is defaulted to xxx.model.obj.  You can change the name as you save it.

Lastly, don't use .OBJ.  instead, use .FBX.  The exported .OBJ files don't register materials properly.

Thanks for your reply.

I will use FBX from now on. 

I saved my file onto the Desktop. 

It just has the .model suffix and when I try to open it I get the message "There is no application set to open the document".