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Has been used for low poly or pixel games only.

A topic by 3.14 Tech created Dec 16, 2018 Views: 209 Replies: 6
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So i was wondering if is used for publishing games that are semi- photorealistic etc. or is it mainly for publishing those "Lower Quality" games?


I don't think "triple-A" means what you think it means. That said, the best way to answer your question is probably to look. Does Empires and Tribes, for instance, meet your bar? It was easy to find under first-person 3D games.

Ummm. what triple-a, i haven't stated anything like that. 

AAA just means the game has spent lots of money. There is no real meaning behind it because gaming company made up that term:

just like how "blockbuster" doesn't always mean a good movie.


You misunderstand, the OP was asking if there are any AAA games on before it was edited. :) But thanks! That's a good reminder.


Itch is primarily used by solo devs and small-scale dev teams, so the only way there is going to be mainstream-level graphic detail is if either A) the game is extremely short and minimally interactive, or B) it's made with purchased assets; neither of which is a particularly popular solution. 

There are professional games here - and games using professional graphics.  You just need to look around.   

Because allows everything you have a bit of everything.  

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