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Space Transport Explorer

Craft, trade, unravel the galaxy in this crafting and trading story-driven universe space game! · By One Art Please, Rosebolt

How to play the game (Guide) Sticky Locked

A topic by One Art Please created Aug 14, 2016 Views: 629
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Developer (10 edits)

Hey guys!

Since the game doesn't have a tutorial or any game mechanics to explain to the player how the game works, I've taken my time to write up a small wall of text explaining how our game works. You don't need to read this entire page in order to play the game, feel free to just start up the game and start playing and reference this page when needed.

The way the game works and the controls are subject to change!

List of Content

  1. Controls
    1. Player
    2. Ship (Traveling)
    3. Ship (Docking)
  2. Tutorials
    1. Interacting with the ship
    2. Traveling
    3. Interacting with stations
    4. Crafting


Controlling the player

W, A, S, D : Controls player movement.
E: Interacting with ship and environment.
Escape: Stop interacting with ship or environment

Controlling the ship while traveling

W, S: Increase/decrease throttle.
A, D: Change ship's direction
Left Control: Reset throttle to 0 (braking).
E: Jump to next starsystem in plotted route. (The player must have a route set to do this)

Controlling the ship while docking

W, S: Increase/decrease throttle.
Left control: Reset throttle to 0 (braking).
Escape: Stop controlling ship and control player.


Interacting with the ship.

Interacting with the ship can be done by clicking E at several locations in the ship.

  • At the cockpit (to control the ship)
  • At the map (to go into the galaxy map)
  • At the back of the ship (to open the ship door)


If you want to do cross-system travel, you have to plot a route to that system. You can do this by interacting with the map in your ship. Once in the galaxy map, you can select your preferred system. If you need to select a specific economy to fly to, use the Q button to toggle the map to show system economies.

Once you've selected your preferred system, click the route button to plot a route. You'll see several lines going through multiple systems. This is the route you'll take! If you see one of the lines in red, it means that your ship can't handle the jump distance needed to go from one system to the other.

If you click the View button when selecting a system, you can go into the system map. Here you can see all of the planets in that system. In this version you can see which planets have a station by a red pixel on the top right of the planet. Clicking the planet will spawn an info panel with planet info and a waypoint button. Clicking this button will make a waypoint for this planet once you're in that system, this action will not plot the route for you.

Once you've plotted a route, press the Escape button to leave the map. Now move your character to the cockpit of your ship and press E to control your ship. You're now flying through a system and you'll be seeing an orange arrow pointing you in a direction. In order to jump to the next system, you'll need to go into the direction of the arrow at max speed (1.1 px/s) and press E to jump. You do this several times based on how many jumps away your target system is.

Once you're in your preferred system you might see a white arrow pointing you in a direction. This is an arrow pointing you to the waypoint you've set earlier. You cannot jump this distance.

In order to board a station, you need to arrive at the planet where the station is located. The station will always rotate around the planet at a small radius from the surface. Either explore the planet's radius to see it or wait a while to see it come around. If you want to board that station, collide with the grey sprite representing the station at a low speed (< 0.4 px/s).

Interacting with stations

The player can interact with several things in a station (in this version).

  • Ladders (to ascend/descend floors)
  • Facilities
    • Commodities shop (to buy and sell goods to the station)
    • Workshop, Kitchen, Techlab (to craft items and parts)
    • Forge (to smelt ores into bars)
    • Shipyard (to switch ships) (the door to the left of the bar activates this)


Crafting is in a very early state.

For now, ores can be smelted at a Forge facility (at mining stations).
You can craft items at a Workshop facility (at industrial stations).

Crafting is Minecraft inspired, so feel free to experiment.

Check out the recipes thread for the recipes available in the current version of the game.