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[VN] Recruiting team for Fan-made The Wolf Among Us S2

A topic by Meowler created Dec 10, 2018 Views: 232 Replies: 10
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Hey!  My name’s Rachel :) I’m a hobbyist Game Developer focusing on Visual Arts, with an interest in Writing and a I’m pretty much a beginner noob with Programming. I am also learning in my free time how to produce a game and what makes a good indie Game Dev team  so--

I’ve had this idea for a few months now ~ The Wolf Among Us (TWAU) players have been waiting for a second season to come out from Telltale for about 6 years now, when the company announced they were closing I decided to give myself a little project in developing a non-profit, indie, fan-made sequel with Renpy. Fast forward about 3 months ahead (a third of a script in hand and some concept sketches too) and I figured I’d rather work with a team to develop this game together :)

Just in case you don’t know what Game I’m talking about… The game has mature elements such as partial nudity, violence and strong language - but you don’t really see that on the site so I wouldn’t consider it NSFW.

I created a post on my Tumblr art blog asking what the fandom’s thoughts about the idea, the link to the post is here: And the response I got was pretty good considering the tiny blog I have. I told everyone who responded that I will tag them when application forms will open up to show me what they’ve got and ask how they want to contribute to this project. I was wondering if anybody wanted to join the project from here too  Artists, Programmers, Writers, Musicians - anyone! I was hoping we could work as a team together and if anyone has any better ideas, with the skills to back them up - we can go for it!

The link to where I posted the forms on my tumblr are here: They have an intro page in the beginning, explaining a lot more about the vision for this project including a very rough release date, expectations and a bit more about me since I’ll be working with you too!)

If you don’t really like tumblr I have the forms here:

For programmers:

For Writers:

For Artists:

For Musicians:

For those who wanted to apply for multiple places:

I requested to submit the forms by the 15 of DEC, but it just matters it happens before the 25-26 of Dec to be honest, since that’s when I’ll be informing who has been accepted or not and open the Discord server!

I opened a DeviantArt to hold some of my works (I'm mostly a fanart geek) so you can see for yourself if you want to work with me or not My art blog has a bunch of my works too (sketches mostly), so you can check out my TWAU Art: I have other art there too (more sketches, color pallet challenges…)

The script I had made is very rough, but the point was to conclude what was not concluded in S1 with presenting a new conflict with the player trying to solve that too. I have no problem scrapping what I had in a favor of a better idea with better execution :)

If you have any questions whatsoever you can reply to me here, or my E-mail: and I will answer to the best of my ability!

Thank you for the read!

It will be made using RenPy right? No other engine allowed?

That's what i was thinking, yes. But - If majority of applicants use other engines then we'll go with that, i'll see based on the forms. :)

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Are you sure there won't be legal problems? The company closed, by the owners still retain trademarks. At least I think so.

I also think that they had an official contract with those who originally invented the game world. You know that it's based on comics? So, I think you also need Vertigo authorization.

And about RenPy - you think this engine will be good enough to make a game of good quality?

For some time, I also considered making an interactive movie game, though based on another novel. I decided that I am not ready for such risk: if the company that INVENTED this genre failed, I am not ready to risk money.

And to you, I just wish you luck. If you will be allowed to make sequel, and it will finished and released, I'll be happy to try it.


A company will only take you to court of you claim you own their intelectual property + gain profit from it. We are doing neither.

I might not have made this clear but this project is 100% non profit, nobody is spending or gaining any money. Not the players and not the devs.

Yes i have read the comics. 

If they have trouble with this non profit fanmade content, they will have to come after everyone who does so (TWAU fanartits and fan authors)

But anyway - Fan-made games are a form of tribute just like any other fan fiction and fanart. In this game I hope to combine the two with the help of a programmer. That's pretty much the deal.

Regardless, I thought of putting at the begining of the game the fact that this is fanmade-tribute-all that other stuff, and even put it a statement where we - the developers hope someone (preferably telltale, if they *somehow* manage) to pick up the game for real. 

This is just giving the fandom more content, in the form of an interactive movie.

About Renpy - It has been able to give players some immpressive games. It wont be like the engine Telltale use (since they havent even released it for public use), but it will be the easiest way to create this game and still have it go with the vibe of interactive movie (at least compared to a platformer or top down and such...)

And thanku!

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The team is formed - but we need another programmer and artist!!

please consider applying/sharing :)

Hey Rachel! Is this still a thing?

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Our team is still going strong yes :)

I normally don't do free work as a voice actor but I'm a huge fan of the series. Are you looking for voice talent yet?

No, were still pretty early in production, but thank you for the offer!

For now, new team members are not required, but I will defenitely post here again if that changes!