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Powerglove Reloaded

Enhanced Amiga port of the 2014 Commodore 64 run-n-gun smash! · By RGCD.DEV

First Impressions

A topic by CoalFire created Dec 09, 2018 Views: 309
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So, luckily I noticed the first time I tried to record this that the game adjusts to the framerate of recording and ended up playing for about 15 minutes in slo-mo. But after checking back I re-recorded and had a lot better time with it! The music and retro feel are definitely the strongest points to me, as the game feels a little restrictive with the controls provided, the environments (the ones I saw at least) looked really samey, and the game really seems to like to hurt the player for entering rooms. But I think the lack of a save is what turned me off the most. Trying to off 7 bosses in 6 zones on 1 life sounds like a chore, but maybe I just missed something. Still, in going for retro, it's certainly that!