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Help with dialog conditionals

A topic by gnuez created Dec 04, 2018 Views: 202 Replies: 6
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I'm extremely (XXXtremely) new to game making so bear with me,

I was wondering how I would make it so that each time a player leaves the starting area and then returns, a sprite would say something different to them. I feel like just shuffling thru random dialog options isn't quite rewarding enough for what I want. Is there a way to quantify the amount of times the player exits and assign a dialog option to each amount of exits? Once again I'm fairly inexperienced with game-making/coding in general so if that suggestion sounds ridiculous then... shrug!!! Idk what im doing. If it isn't possible how I described it, is there a sort of backwards way I could get it to work?

Also feel free to ask for clarification in case I described this weirdly !

oh wait... just read I should go to the discord rather than here!

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Here's the way i'll deal with your problem.
Please note it's not the only way to do it, but i'm not quite experimented in variables myself. So that's the way i'll do it.

-In the kitchen, Papa says to Mama "Please, go check if the kids are alright". Mama goes outside, checks the kids, then returns. Papa : "Oh, i'm glad they're fine!"


Mama : avatar
SpritePapa : Please, go check if the kids are alright.
outside_room kitchen_room_2 SpritePapa2 : Oh, i'm glad they're fine.


...Is it helpful?

does this mean you would make a new kitchen and new sprite to copy the previous but just with different dialogue? I thought about doing that but it feels like it would b complicated because I want the player to be able to come in and out several times (and I don't want to make a new room and sprite for each time)

Yes indeed! ...But this example below is a one-time solution (e.g. for a key to open a door).

So you'll have to study variables instead.

This devlog might help you :

(or discord community)

I used borksy for that kind of stuff.
You can use ITEMS as exits with it.
Just need to enable permanent items, and exit by dialogue.
so in my case, i designed the door as a tile that is a blank item
in the dialogue of that item i got the exit code as described in borksy, and in addition to that change my vars like:
{leftTheHouse = leftTheHouse + 1}

The real beauty of this hack comes when you want to have a conditional exits.