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Bloom: Labyrinth

A classic re-thought: Can you overcome the Labyrinth? · By Studio Fawn


A topic by JimmyM created Dec 03, 2018 Views: 79 Replies: 1
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Ok, let's try this forum. 

1) Kickstarter backers doesn't know about  the patch, because they're not "follow" the news feed on

2) v2 makes things a bit worse, pls check:

- buttons of  gamepad ([A]) doesn't work in main menu, in the screen with "The First Night", in conversations, when the game shows in-game tip (about Bone Pick as example) etc. Only mouse & keyboard helps

- Switching between ability pages doesn't work with gamepad. btw, what is the reason to bind inventory rotation and page switching on different keys/buttons?

- Interface (Ability page)  doesn't appear when player load the game. It keeps on screen only if player choose New game, Quit to main menu and then Load game. 

- Loading the save doesn't restore ability binding


Thanks for the heads up.

Apparently in this update, the reference the input_mapping was changed to a different location some of the input_mapping I had done isn't registering (for example, advancing through dialogue with the gamepad uses UI_Accept....which has to just be bound in the options to the A button). That's also why pages isn't working with gamepad (it just isn't bound, but still exists in controls options). 

Should have that fixed with a starting input_mapping with the next patch (and also the manual / starting tutorial).

The UI not showing the hotkeys and not storing the hotkeys on load is new though. Should be an easy fix at least (just need to adjust what the save file is storing), so will have it in the next patch also.