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Base Wars

A Turn Based, Real Time Strategy Game · By andy98725

Finding Matches

A topic by DodoBirb created Dec 03, 2018 Views: 53
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Online matches are a great way to play new players and learn new strategies. If you want to find a match, you'll probably want to join the discord if either me or Tetr4 are on then we can host a match between you and anyone you want. Don't worry, me and Tetr4 live in different time zones so you'll be able to play in a more broad area than just North America (I live in AUS so any Aussies can hopefully get some games on). We are also starting up a new competitive ladder and would really like it if there were more players involved.

If you want to be able to host a match then you'll have to forward a port (only way to get reliable communication without dropped inputs, at least that's what the dev tells me). Google it if you don't know how. If you do then you and others in the discord can play more matches so if you can then it would be greatly appreciated!