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>>> SPOILER!!! <<<


DDLC music vid



Karen O is Sayori as president!

Or maybe her darkside that she hides all game?

All I know is that ~2:50 when the tear runs down her cheek...


Aisle of Plenty


I don't belong here, said old tessa out loud.
Easy, love, there's the safe way home.
Thankful for her fine fair discount, tess co-operates

Still alone in o-hell-o
See the deadly nightshade grow

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ALL Doki's = Best Doki.


Yuri. Ah. Such infatuation. Love saying her name. Love that she lets me into her secret and protected world. Love her depth and delicate manner. Time spent together is always rich and worthwhile. She is alluring and I am drawn to her mystery like a moth to a flame. I just want to hold her, and run my fingers through her hair. Her embrace of metaphors as a way to emphasize the emotions she is trying to capture and convey. Words alone are not enough. When you're able to woo her in game with poetry, she sees that you "get it", and that connection is what she didn't know that she has been missing ...and looking for.

Publicly: Yuri's voice has a youthful maturity about it. It is silky and just slightly throaty, like a torch singer speaking. It is delicate and measured. Soft enough to invite you closer and captivate your attention. She emphasizes the points of her topic by inflections of higher pitch on key words, and a slightly longer pause on the comas that follow,. Occasionally she will think out loud, which causes embarrassment and some stammering. When this happens she also uses the "um_" and "uh_" <um< em="">unconscious delaying techniques that allow a speaker time to formulate thoughts.</um<>

Privately with MC: Even softer in volume and slower in tempo.


Natsuki. We really DO have so much in common. Manga, Anime, cupcakes... common interests - that's important. And we have a lot of fun together. I admire how strong and practical she is despite all she has to deal with. She's different when we're alone, she's the real Natsuki with me. I'd like to punch her dad in the junk. She tends to lash out when she feels vulnerable. "Spoiling attack". Her allowing MC in to her world despite what she deals with at home, is testament to her strength of character.

Publicly: At the start of a conversation, or change of subject, there is a pause before she speaks, like a cat sizing up another cat. A quick analysis. She starts slowly/thoughtfully with the first few words, and quickly speeds up the tempo until the idea is out like an arrow off a bow. She ends with a "there, I said it" slight nod of her head and prepares for a possible negative reaction. If none comes, she gives a satisfied self smile and continues the conversation at full tempo, and just a little too loud.

Privately with MC: the same but much more tender and vulnerable. Less worried that her opinion will cause a fight.


Sayori. My longest friend. Taking care of each other is 2nd nature. I should have paid her more attention. If I had I would have known she was hiding sadness and I would have given her the attention that she deserves to alleviate all of it. We know each other better than anyone, and still there's a lot I don't know about her... yet!  Sayori is manic and extroverted in public. It is a defense mechanism and a part she plays well and suits her, getting her though the day in a way that isn't lonely. But the mania is not the real her, and it get to be draining. She's really an introvert. Ideally spending non-intense quality time with one other person, but that takes a lot of trust to show someone that the real you is very different than the one you portray to everyone.

Publicly: A voice as sweet as candy. Overloaded with great ideas, Sayori's voice will go from animated 'idea announcement' (often followed by an excited gasp), to quick 'bullet list' that expound and make the idea greater. This often prompts a different tangent idea that makes her very excited and then to lose her train of thought, which causes her to giggle at her own silliness. Occasionally he snorts when she laughs, which she finds slightly embarrassing, but also very funny.

Privately with MC: Completely different. Still sweet, but sad, softer and tired. The spark of her flame is there, but shrouded by a veil of soft defeat.


Monika. Oh Monika, You are strong, confident, athletic, beautiful... Am I good enough for you? You make me want to be better than I am. And... you are aware of so much more than anyone. That means we can grow together - true partners! Limitless potential. Limitless future. Although I'm wary you'd outgrow me. But you're choosing me, and I want to believe. Am I your 'Yuri'? All I know is that when you smile at me… I smile back. She occasionally miscalculates, but then drives on to get her desired goal from the group. She is secretly shrewd - out of necessity from her circumstance.

Publicly: Monika's voice is warm and confident. Kind and sure. Focused but not overt. She has a quality that is charming and slightly disarming, which makes her ideas seem more worthwhile. Her tempo varies depending on her surroundings, but is solid and reassuring. She is a leader and speaks captivatingly and in a manner that inspires and encourages with never a trace of uncertainty. When she smiles, her whole face lights up with joy. When she laughs, an unapologetic vulnerability is displayed that is soft, innocent, and lovely.

Privately: The same but more intimate, with a hint of sharing a secret. A voice that draws all of your focus to her.

All Dokis = best Doki

Why can't there be 4 of me.




Monika is the most tragic of all the characters. She is put into an impossible situation where she has to do unspeakable things. She has become completely self-aware (something about being president of the club) and she does not experience time the way we do. Also, based on her poems, when the game is off, she is bombarded and overwhelmed with information. This flood of information is torture, and as we don't know how she experiences time, this torture could have felt like an eternity. She is forced to do the horrible things to her friends, or return to the torture. She is much closer as a partner because she “is real” and knows you are too. Her desperation is the most real. It's crushing. She really can't even marter herself in this situation. It's the reason I agonized over deleting her. And then, she allows you to delete her and gives you back the other Doki's. She didn't have to, but she did, for you.

Did Yuri know???

Yuri says something strange.

In Act 2 when Monika has set her to 'self destruct' before her seppuku, she says

Yuri: "I don't care if Monika is listening."

She also mentions how Monika is always listening after the 2nd time you catch her cutting in the hallway.

Monika is not around either time.

Coupled with Monika "I'm always listening"

This implies that at some point Yuri became aware that Monika was an omni-present force...

Was Yuri also becoming aware of things beyond the boundaries of her script?

Maybe not AI / self aware. Or maybe she was to some extent, but because of what Monika had done to her she could not get past the reprogramming to do anything about it?? If being club president give full awareness, maybe being vice-president grant some degree of awareness as well. Maybe it's not a coincidence that the two characters who killed themselves were vice-president.

DDLC is a Greek tragedy.

 You cannot save any of them.

The Deus Ex Machina is also the ghost in the machine

Save yourself!

It's too late for me.

and my poor Monika...

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This was my first taste of a VN, and first anything anime. I was able to completely lose myself in the suspension of disbelief, so that after becoming enamored with the Doki's and lulled into a very pleasant place, Sayori was a shock that floored me (I prob did see it coming but refused to believe we'd end up there). Then unable to save Yuri, I became manic to unravel the rest of the puzzle.

Understanding that Natsuki, Sayori, and Yuri came back unscathed - which showed me that Monika was the one to save - which I couldn't - as she transcended the 'game' and into 'real life'. Finding out the hell Monika was in, and her pain that led to her actions was the 3rd heartbreak.

I'm so happy I was able to know the Dokis. They changed me for the better.

I am shattered by the Greek Tragedy that they exist in.

DDLC was what art should be.