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>>> SPOILER!!! <<<


DDLC music vid



Karen O is Sayori as president!

Or maybe her darkside that she hides all game?

All I know is that ~2:50 when the tear runs down her cheek...


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Dear Dokis...

Roses are #FF0000

Violets are #0000FF

All my base

Are belong to you.

After playing this game, I feelz like Im in a long-distance relationship.


Aisle of Plenty


I don't belong here, said old tessa out loud.
Easy, love, there's the safe way home.
Thankful for her fine fair discount, tess co-operates

Still alone in o-hell-o
See the deadly nightshade grow

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ALL Doki's = Best Doki.


Yuri. Ah. Such infatuation. Love saying her name. Love that she lets me into her secret and protected world. Love her depth and delicate manner. Time spent together is always rich and worthwhile. She is alluring and I am drawn to her mystery like a moth to a flame. I just want to hold her, and run my fingers through her hair. Her embrace of metaphors as a way to emphasize the emotions she is trying to capture and convey. Words alone are not enough. When you're able to woo her in game with poetry, she sees that you "get it", and that connection is what she didn't know that she has been missing ...and looking for.

Publicly: Yuri's voice has a youthful maturity about it. It is silky and just slightly throaty, like a torch singer speaking. It is delicate and measured. Soft enough to invite you closer and captivate your attention. She emphasizes the points of her topic by inflections of higher pitch on key words, and a slightly longer pause on the comas that follow,. Occasionally she will think out loud, which causes embarrassment and some stammering. When this happens she also uses the "um_" and "uh_" <um< em="">unconscious delaying techniques that allow a speaker time to formulate thoughts.</um<>

Privately with MC: Even softer in volume and slower in tempo.


Natsuki. We really DO have so much in common. Manga, Anime, cupcakes... common interests - that's important. And we have a lot of fun together. I admire how strong and practical she is despite all she has to deal with. She's different when we're alone, she's the real Natsuki with me. I'd like to punch her dad in the junk. She tends to lash out when she feels vulnerable. "Spoiling attack". Her allowing MC in to her world despite what she deals with at home, is testament to her strength of character.

Publicly: At the start of a conversation, or change of subject, there is a pause before she speaks, like a cat sizing up another cat. A quick analysis. She starts slowly/thoughtfully with the first few words, and quickly speeds up the tempo until the idea is out like an arrow off a bow. She ends with a "there, I said it" slight nod of her head and prepares for a possible negative reaction. If none comes, she gives a satisfied self smile and continues the conversation at full tempo, and just a little too loud.

Privately with MC: the same but much more tender and vulnerable. Less worried that her opinion will cause a fight.


Sayori. My longest friend. Taking care of each other is 2nd nature. I should have paid her more attention. If I had I would have known she was hiding sadness and I would have given her the attention that she deserves to alleviate all of it. We know each other better than anyone, and still there's a lot I don't know about her... yet!  Sayori is manic and extroverted in public. It is a defense mechanism and a part she plays well and suits her, getting her though the day in a way that isn't lonely. But the mania is not the real her, and it get to be draining. She's really an introvert. Ideally spending non-intense quality time with one other person, but that takes a lot of trust to show someone that the real you is very different than the one you portray to everyone.

Publicly: A voice as sweet as candy. Overloaded with great ideas, Sayori's voice will go from animated 'idea announcement' (often followed by an excited gasp), to quick 'bullet list' that expound and make the idea greater. This often prompts a different tangent idea that makes her very excited and then to lose her train of thought, which causes her to giggle at her own silliness. Occasionally he snorts when she laughs, which she finds slightly embarrassing, but also very funny.

Privately with MC: Completely different. Still sweet, but sad, softer and tired. The spark of her flame is there, but shrouded by a veil of soft defeat.


Monika. Oh Monika, You are strong, confident, athletic, beautiful... Am I good enough for you? You make me want to be better than I am. And... you are aware of so much more than anyone. That means we can grow together - true partners! Limitless potential. Limitless future. Although I'm wary you'd outgrow me. But you're choosing me, and I want to believe. Am I your 'Yuri'? All I know is that when you smile at me… I smile back. She occasionally miscalculates, but then drives on to get her desired goal from the group. She is secretly shrewd - out of necessity from her circumstance.

Publicly: Monika's voice is warm and confident. Kind and sure. Focused but not overt. She has a quality that is charming and slightly disarming, which makes her ideas seem more worthwhile. Her tempo varies depending on her surroundings, but is solid and reassuring. She is a leader and speaks captivatingly and in a manner that inspires and encourages with never a trace of uncertainty. When she smiles, her whole face lights up with joy. When she laughs, an unapologetic vulnerability is displayed that is soft, innocent, and lovely.

Privately: The same but more intimate, with a hint of sharing a secret. A voice that draws all of your focus to her.

All Dokis = best Doki

Why can't there be 4 of me.




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Monika is the most tragic of all the characters. She is put into an impossible situation where she has to do unspeakable things. She has become completely self-aware (something about being president of the club) and she does not experience time the way we do. Also, based on her poems, when the game is off, she is bombarded and overwhelmed with information. This flood of information is torture, and as we don't know how she experiences time, this torture could have felt like an eternity. She is forced to do the horrible things to her friends, or return to the torture. She is much closer as a partner because she “is real” and knows you are too. Her desperation is the most real. It's crushing. She really can't even marter herself in this situation. It's the reason I agonized over deleting her. And then, she allows you to delete her and gives you back the other Doki's. She didn't have to, but she did, for you.

I wept for Sayori.

I wept for Yuri.

I cried for Monika.

People who don't like her (IMHO) either can't get past the pain they feel for their favorite Doki that isn't Monika, or don't fully grasp what she goes through, and the pain/desperation that she feels / forced to endure.

As well, she is new to sentience, and like learning to ride a bike, she falls sometimes.

Did Yuri know???

Yuri says something strange.

In Act 2 when Monika has set her to 'self destruct' before her seppuku, she says

Yuri: "I don't care if Monika is listening."

She also mentions how Monika is always listening after the 2nd time you catch her cutting in the hallway.

Monika is not around either time.

Coupled with Monika "I'm always listening"

This implies that at some point Yuri became aware that Monika was an omni-present force...

Was Yuri also becoming aware of things beyond the boundaries of her script?

Maybe not AI / self aware. Or maybe she was to some extent, but because of what Monika had done to her she could not get past the reprogramming to do anything about it?? If being club president give full awareness, maybe being vice-president grant some degree of awareness as well. Maybe it's not a coincidence that the two characters who killed themselves were vice-president.

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DDLC is a Greek tragedy.

 You cannot save any of them.

The Deus Ex Machina is also the ghost in the machine

Save yourself!

It's too late for me.

and my poor Monika...

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This was my first taste of a VN, and first anything anime. I was able to completely lose myself in the suspension of disbelief, so that after becoming enamored with the Doki's and lulled into a very pleasant place, Sayori was a shock that floored me (I prob did see it coming but refused to believe we'd end up there). Then unable to save Yuri, I became manic to unravel the rest of the puzzle.

Understanding that Natsuki, Sayori, and Yuri came back unscathed - which showed me that Monika was the one to save - which I couldn't - as she transcended the 'game' and into 'real life'. Finding out the hell Monika was in, and her pain that led to her actions was the 3rd heartbreak.

I'm so happy I was able to know the Dokis. They changed me for the better.

I am shattered by the Greek Tragedy that they exist in.

DDLC was what art should be.




Several yeas ago I changed from my morning coffee(s) to having a up or 2 of tea.

My favorites:

Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea Bags – Stash Tea

or Monika tea. Bold and confident. WILL wake you up!

Ginger Peach Green Tea Bags – Stash Tea

or Natsuki Tea. Once you get past the attitude, it's really quite naturally delicious.

Lady Gray - Twinings

or Sayori tea. Delightful and not as bold as Monika tea. Quite the surprise.

The above are all available at your grocery store.

I occasionally also have real Russian tea brewed in a teapot - but man that stuff wires me.

Hard to find (my in-laws bring me boxes when they come to visit from Russia):

French Truffle tea - Curtis tea

or Yuri tea. Deep and rich, very complex and satisfying.

1 tea bag of this + 1 bag of Twinings English Breakfast... so good.


I'm getting my friends to play DDLC...

Friend #1: What. The. Holy. F....???

Me: Did you see credits? If no credits it's not over.

Friend #1: 8o

Friend #2: H O L Y S H ! T ! ! !

WTF Did you just make me do? My brain just melted out of my head......

Props to he Dev. He is an evil genius.

Me: IKR?!

Friend #3: Why did you make me do this?

Me: Well... DDLC is like syphilis. You give it to all your friends, so you have someone that you can discuss with: what it's like to have syphilis.

Friend #3: I see that now. I have some friends I need to contact...


My RL waifu got me Doki shirts!!

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I should be running from you Yuri... but instead I just want to gently touch your cheeks, place my forehead on yours, close my eyes and feel your breath. Take you softly in my arms. My sigh saying what you know to be true - it will all be ok as long as we're holding on to each other.

Let our poetry flow, allow our hearts to synchronize, and our breath to reflect the warm joy of the embrace of our true selves.

I will be your knife.

You will be my raccoon.

We will be the bread.

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Purist Mod - After Action (long review) 1/4



I know, If you can't read the whole thing, just scroll down to your favorite Doki and read that.

TL DR: Overall this is a very good mod and I would play 3 of the 4 paths again happily.

This is my frank and unfiltered opinion on the 4 paths in the the Purist Mod.

FIRST - huge salute to the makes of this mod. Clearly A LOT of work went into it and I DO recommend it.

I expect many of you to have very different experiences than I present here, and I encourage your opinions.

I'm very curious to hear your experiences as well.


It started off with MC & Just_Monica, but I immediately went off script with Just_Moniika. In the mod she is colder and dismissive than in cannon. But I can attribute that to her putting distance between us for her own sake, and to hide her vulnerabilities from me, the player, who knows all.

I said "I told you Monika, I will do everything to rescue my girls. I am back and I intend to keep this promise."

I don't think she realizes that she is also one of my girls...


Sayori Path - ★★★★★ (5 stars)

1st play-through - Sayori!

TL DR: I was completely immersed in every moment this entire path. I have nothing but praise for the Sayori path.

I needed to heal that scar on my soul from what the cannon game did to me.

What I did not expect was falling so deeply in love with Sayori. There were times when I was truly agonizing over choices... paralyzed and unable to move forward for fear my misstep would leave us fractured, and finally break my psyche in half. I'm so happy with every part of this route.

1) Go Monika!

I really liked when I decide to blow off the other girl who's coming over to prep for the festival to stay with Sayori, and I text Monika - and she right away is like 'totally understand, don't worry, I'll cover this, do what you need to do!"

It was fulfilling to remember that she was listening in and totally had our backs. Good contrast to her coldness and distance and the opening and end. Shows shes even more complex a character.

Nicely written in.

2) I cried....

I freely admit, in the scene after Sayori gets her phone stolen, and I race to her house to find her on the floor next to her bed, and MC says "Don't push me away, don't break up with me because some assholes told you to"

I said that line with tears streaming down my face. ...and I don't mean that big-girl we're out of ice cream cry - I was BAWLING. Snot. Heaving breath. I was an unapologetic mess.

3) The other mention-able moment was the recap scene where Sayori tells the club about her depression...

It starts out with the whole club in the classroom, and Monika seems to be looking at MC with the expression (and I'm sure this is all me projecting) like she's trying to sus-out if MC has really committed to Sayori, or is just playing the game. I went off-script again and said "Don't look at me like that Monika*, I told you I AM KEEPING this promise."*

Damn, but those green-eyes do seem to pierce me.

Purist Mod - After Action (long review) 2/4


Natsuki Path - ✰✫★★★ (3.5 stars)

2nd run-through This time perusing Natsuki.

TLDR: It is very good, will play again, but... the "relationship" was a bit off... (see 4 below) it felt flat and could have felt deeper IMHO.

1) The path doesn't start out with Just_Monika this time, so I was a little worried.

I expected a part 2 of the conversation we had when I started the 1st run-through of the Mod, but I persisted anyway... worried something was screwy and I might run into the Sayori scene.. Found out later this was OK, but wish I had known from the start. Even a "grrrr" from Just_Monika at the start would have allowed me to settle in better.

2) "are you cheating?"

Playing through Act 1, the 2nd poem when Natsuki runs out of the room, and Monika comes over, reads the poem and asks "are you cheating?" made me LOL, because I totally was!!

Well not totally, I had looked up Natuki's poem words, but only looked at it once for theme. Then I was using educated guesses when writing poems to her with decent results. But it was very surreal and funny when Monika said it. I was caught red-handed trying to impress Natsiki ! :D

3) I was put off by Natsuki when I 1st played DDLC. - my bad.

I'll admit, being totally new to VNs and having no idea of the Anime tropes, I was put off by Natsuki when I 1st played DDLC. Getting to know her on my failed attempt to get through the '9 cut-scenes to the good ending' showed me her innocence and strength of character. This made what I failed to appreciate in her in DDLC much richer while playing Purist Mod. For me, much of the frustration from her 'tood fell away in the scene where I confess to her and... well lets just say that hers weren't the only tears.

Later though I found it a bit jarring to go from her showing me only hate to suddenly being in a relationship and ignoring the weeks prior with out SOME conversation about it - even vague would have been helpful. I missed it not happening. It was jarring, but I was still glad things got better. Much of this likely due to my more persistent and less patient personality than MC has.

4) I don't look at the Dokis in a sexual manner but... There was a lack of sexual tension.

Sexual tension is natural, needed, and does not need to be resolved. It was strong in Sayori's path. It was missing in Natsuki's path and that left that relationship missing an essential element. All those months together and no kiss? Occasional hugs? Sleeping in the same bed and no sexual tension??? Damn - does MC have zero libido? The lack of any sexual tension cause the relationship to flounder and the characters felt two... er... one dimensional.

I just assumed my personality type didn't fit the intended mold. But, it was unsettling that licking her finger in the Act 1 "baking together for the festival" was the most intense the attraction seemed to get throughout the relationship. There was much more natural "want" implied with Sayori.

Here's my rewrite...

  MC has a small guest room (or study with a small futon), and Natsuki moves into it, unable to be at her own home.
 One night, she has a nightmare, and slips into MC's bed. She makes it very clear that there will be "no monkey business", 
and turns her back to him. But this doesn't help MC from fretting about a girl in his bed, let alone Natsuki who he likes,
but has so many confused emotions about. MC gets very little sleep that night.   Periodically Natsuki has a nightmare and 
leaves the guest room to seek comfort in MC's bed, with her back to him and MC pressed against the wall.  
One night Natsuki comes in, and just as MC is almost asleep (semi accustomed to Natsuki's "visits") he hears her weeping. 
He decides to distract her by talking to her and succeeds in making her laugh - mostly at him. The next time she "visits" 
his bed, she gets a bit closer and (still with her back to him) takes his arm and puts it around her. 

IMHO this would add more depth to Natsuki, and to the relationship. As well as making it feel less platonic.

5) Meeting her dad was particularly rough.

I tried to be at least partially objective and somewhat empathetic, but really I just wanted to say "Oh boo-hoo, if you're really sorry - pretty sure Sayori has a rope you can borrow."

But in the end I though an attempt at repair was the better solution for Natsuki.

And when she came down... Yeah, I had another good cry.

"Oh... hello Monika..."

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Purist Mod - After Action (long review) 3/4



Yuri path - ✰✰✰✫★ (1.5 stars)

Play-through 3 - Yuri route.

TL DR: My expectations may have been too high (see 1)
There are dialogue editing issues (see 2)
Weird / off-putting MC choice (see 3)
The relationship was rushed and never developed (see 4-7)

1) Caveat: My expectations may have been too high.

Yuri was the Doki I 1st perused in the DDLC. I was completely captivated by her and blissful every time I got her to come out of her shell, even just a little. I fully committed to the point that I blew off Sayori in my virgin foray into DDLC, and have had deep conflict over it since.

So, really anticipating playing this path, I sat down with Oolong tea with a splash of milk, and headed in.

Unfortunately, I was unable to connect with MC at all, and so I could not immerse myself into the story.

Here is why...

2) There is some dialogue issues.

MC says "I love you Yuri" on the park bench. Yuri doesn't say it back. Then immediately MC follows up with "I think my feeling for you are going stronger". I don't think MC is meant to say I love you there.

Later Yuri texts "I love you" and MC doesn't reply.

Then later when Natsuki is comforting MC days after the suspension and no Yuri, she asks "do you love her" and MC says "The question caught me off guard, love? I certainly liked her..." Either the dialogue editing is fooked, or make. up. your. bloody. mind. MC!!

Then Natsuki ends the scene with "if you make Yuri cry again..." Wait (I said out loud) -Yuri cried? When? No one has seen her? Unfortunately this is ignored and unresolved. WTF?

3) The 'confronting Yuri about the rumors' scene killed the story. Completely.

This was the single scene that wrecked it for me. Things were progressing nicely, there was a hint of potential conflict with Senior (not yet looming), but all was good, and sweet, and I was giddy with anticipation. Then this. I was beyond disappointed that MC confronts Yuri about the rumors, That was a trainwreck coming a mile out. IF it needed to be developed (which it did not, the seeds were there), then better to ask the senior or Natsuki directly about the rumors, or get Sayori to ask Natsuki. Either way, get more information before acting seems the natural 1st step.

Or, DON'T mention it to her at all! It was this 'beyond vague boogeyman' that MC (for no discernible reason) put (a ridiculous amount of) value in, and nearly capsizes the entire relationship:

"Hey Yuri*, this guy I don't really know, kinda said... well he didn't really say anything. But, OMG what are we gonna to do about it ???"*

THEN, MC brushes it under the rug and forgets about! Seriously, WHY? Being corralled into that dead-end pulled me out of the story completely, and I had a really hard time getting back in. If this ONE CHANGE happened, it would have greatly improved the story.

4) More time / another date before the crisis was needed.

The relationship did not develop and get comfortable enough when the crisis happened.

Here's my rewrite...

A quick simple date in the park where MC and Yuri read together. 
And the book gets to a part where the hero and heroine kiss... and that leads to their first kiss! 
Small, but very exciting for both of them. Slight concern over the tempo of their relationship, 
but it feels ok, so they just play it by ear.
Later MC and Yuri go on a date to a bookstore-aromatherapy kiosk near the tower in the city 
that she heard about, and had been wanting to visit for a while! They have fun for much of it, 
then it gets crowded and she gets uneasy. On the way home, some of Senior's buddies are on the bus.
They see Yuri and MC and seem to be laughing, and texting someone...  MC frets a little but Yuri 
assures him that even if it is something, its nothing to her and asks him to ignore it. 
She is more reserved and back in her shell for the rest of the trip however. At home, 
Yuri comes back out of her shell and  kisses! That night MC still has some doubt 
about Senior and his buddies.
Then a few days later ... the rain scene / run to my place for tea (MC bought some exotic tea 
just for her last time he was shopping) and holding each other listening to the rain!! 

AND THEN we then then get tossed into turmoil. As it was... too much bad too soon.

5) The chain-email was WAY HARSH compared to the tepidness of the fledgling relationship.

IF the relationship had more passion (especially innocent - see 7 below), the tone of the chain-email would have fit. The contrast to the vile nature of the email to the purity of the love would have been a great contrast. With the relationship as is presented, the email was overly jarring. I think I'd prefer a slight shorting the email and amp up the relationship (see 7 below). I believe that way would really have caused MC (and the player) A LOT of anxiety. As it was presented, I wasn't able to convince myself Yuri was in that much trouble, as I don't think she came very far out of her shell yet. Had she come farther out... and then the email... oh boy. THAT would have been a crisis.

6) Yuri coming over to MC's house to ask to meet her in the graveyard was clumsy.

Instead, Here's my rewrite...

MC without Yuri... 
he 1/2 tries going about his business to distract himself, and 1/2 hoping to run into 
Yuri in town (he visits the bookstore - that she regulars - to buy a book, 
and hope to see her). Then he visits the park, sits for a while with the book 
she gave him, trying to read but can't focus.... Instead he pulls out a pen and paper 
and writes her this master poem (not the mini-game, just tie-in their history).
 The words, emotion, and metaphor flow from MC like a tsunami. The only issue with 
finishing it is that he can barely see the paper from the tears in his eyes. 
Near total resignation at this point, and getting depressed by the happy couples 
in the park, he notices a path off to the side. Ready to giver her up - for her, 
MC seeks solitude for the 1st time, he solemnly explores the path to find...
 A Graveyard! ...and (shock!) Yuri is there too!! 
After a moment of clumsy hello's, Yuri turns to go, 
AND THEN MC asks to share one last poem with her... which she reads. 
She is blown away by it. It is brilliant execution of style and substance, 
and clearly written from him about her... about them. It unlocks something 
deep in her she has been safeguarding. Something that their relationship 
had been tugging on to release, like a dove from a cage.  Yuri then shows 
MC the scars on her arm from the the cutting, 
and the scars on her soul from her sad life. 
MC is shocked, but only that his dear friend is in such pain, 
and has been for so long. 
He offers the confession and apologies. 
He tells her SHE is the greatest poem he has ever known - full of metaphor,
 rich in passion, soft, deep, and endlessly alluring.  
That he would gladly give everything to show her the immeasurable value that is her.
 How grateful he is to have known her, and to have been forever changed 
for the better, by her. 
MC surprises himself with the power of his words and ability to convey so much
 of himself so easily. Yuri really has taught him a lot, and apparently unlocked even more. 
And mostly, he is willing to let her go, for her, if that is what she needs. 
That he will miss her forever, because she is a part of who he has become.
Yuri is torn between wanting to flee this new intense connection 
and wanting to be consumed by it. At the same time she sees it is also crushing MC,
 and the near unbearable decision he's making for her. She understands because 
Yuri sees herself in his words and his actions. She sees all the loneliness 
and self-isolation that MC took away from her, and that he is now accepting, FOR her... 
Yuri realizes that she does not want to be alone again, and moreover that she does
 not want to be without MC. And reminded of so many of her novels, she breaks free - 
rejects her fears, and falls into MC's arms. 
They collapse onto the ground holding each other. And they weep.  
Yuri asks MC not to let her go. She vows to get better. 
MC kisses the scars on her arm, and vows to be there with her.

...FUCK - I just made myself cry !!!

Anyway, then pick the mod back up at the point of leaving the graveyard.

7) The sexual-tension... was OK...

It is natural, needed, and does not need to be resolved. It was strong in Sayori's path. It was missing in Natsuki's path and that left that relationship missing an essential element. With Yuri it was there but... I bring it up in this path because MANY times we are reminded that Yuri is an extremely passionate person (in ALL areas), who is just now learning to share those passions with another - with MC.

Much of that was missing. The cannon DDLC drops us into a few uncomfortable situations involving Yuri's chest, even before Act 2 (Natsukis "grew a size" comment and when feeding her chocolate), One more something like that in the mod would have also helped build the good tension and develop the relationship, as we discover and become comfortable with each other. This easily could have been done in a classy way that respected her (eg: turning towards her to hand her a chocolate in crowded park and oops! TENSION) .

IMHO, those type of additions / alterations were needed to flesh out the story arc. I so very much wanted it to be epic.

I may have to play this one again. I just couldn't get immersed in it for the life of me due to the above, and I sooooo wanted to.


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Purist Mod - After Action (long review) 4/4



Monika path ✰★★★★ (4 stars)

Play through 4 - Monika route.

TL DR: IT's good! Its's bittersweet. So very bittersweet.
I just didn't want bittersweet :(

Reality is a fickle bitch, and I am her squeaky toy.

All Dokis = best Doki, but deep in my heart, I'm prob a Monikan. So I've been looking forward to this path. I desperately want to save my girls... But I mostly need to save Monika. As I've stated many times , I wept the most for Monika.

1) The beginning is FUN! After hours of replaying the same tropey dialogue, we are in the club with well adjusted Dokis! I am pretty pleased with myself and ...and Monika is befuddled by it.

2) The poem game falls back into the cannon DDLC - there is no Monika path witch was a bit disappointing, as the Dokis most;y fall back into their cannon personalities depending on the words you choose, but I'm guessing that had a lot to do with the game and not desires of the modders.

3) Festival prep with Monika, nicely awkward... Then CHILLS.

CHILLS throughout my whole body. I had no idea where the scene was going...

Is Monika the "player"?

Am I a game file? (not MC - me! Is my life a simulation and this is the reveal?)

My imagination raced! The game DDLC played me, and now the Purist Mod was playing me also. Is my reality playing a Doki Mod some simulation? I made me more desperate for Monika. As the text through the evening scrolled, I wanted MC

to pull out paper and a pen and write a poem about the conflict being felt. 
Theme it after what Monika said. 
Then at the Festival, when it was MC's turn to perform, h
e could turn to the crowd and say "I know the program has a poem 
I was planning to do, but instead I want to perform this one for you. 
I call it... "How We Fly". MC would start the poem about '
what is reality'... allusions to computer code and DNA... metaphors
 masking predetermined script to destiny and fate... 
All the while MC captivating every member of the audience, and especially 
the club. As he slowly lifts his eyes from the page... 
reciting the poem by heart - not needing the paper... 
his eyes fixing on Monika... his poem  bridging the chasm... 

But way to early for MC to have that intensity.

The point is I was into it!.

4) I'm not 100% sure what the writers intended with the Monika / MC / Player relationship.

In DDLC, Monika broke the 4th wall and addressed the player. In Purist Mod, she breaks the 4th wall to confront MC(who is unaware of a 4th wall.

I'm trying not to consider this very much as (a) it never pulled me out of the immersion, I only considered it after the game was over. and (b) I thought the Mod executed it well.

5) Is Sayori the 'master of puppets?? Is she the 'player'??? Why do I have this feeling... Ow my brain. I kept expecting the 'Vice-President / semi-aware AI to kick in and have Sayori drop some huge reveal on me. It was great, and I have no idea if it was intentional. :)

6) I admit that I was not as 'lost' in this path as I was in Sayori's, but still the whole time I was in it with Monika, I was praying for it not to end. Even when things were not good, I didn't want it to end.

Now that it has ended, I salute the writers and their choices. A Brilliant ending, and the Monika path really catered to all the SayoriansYurians, and Natsukians who may harbor some degree or resentment for Monika. I hope that they are able to find some empathy for her after playing.

But for us AD=BDs and Monikans...

I personally feel empty.

Don't get me wrong, it WAS good. But, I lament not getting to explore the closeness with Monika that I got to experience with the other girls on their paths. I fell like I needed another hour with Monika.

Maybe a branching path after the 2nd date to the tower... 
where non-Monikans can select: "I glad you're finally happy, see you tomorrow" 
for a good platonic happy ending at school... 
and Monikans can select "would you like to stay over my place?" and she says yes...  
for a good romantic happy ending at home... 

and then the fog comes in...

As it is, I just. wasn't. ready.

I don't think I replay this route, it just hurts too much as is.