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Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management game where you run a megacorporation. · By James Patton

Body tank

A topic by crazyshoots created Dec 01, 2018 Views: 124 Replies: 3
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Completed brain transfer (via body tank -> body decant) and waited for many turns... the people I've added to do brain trasnfer does not seems to have impact - the estimated death year stays the same even for my own character.

Another thing, if a person has been activated for brain transfer; shouldn't the person not be in the option to choose or brain trasnfer?

That is incredibly weird. Does it still happen if you save, quit, then load the game?

If it does persist after you save and reload, can you send me your save file?

Could you send me a save file of this? My email is spinnortalitysignup at gma il do t c om (spaced out so spambots don't find it).

And can you explain exactly what you click? It's possible you're doing something I didn't anticipate.