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Finished It.. Very Nice :-)

A topic by RandomDan created 84 days ago Views: 61 Replies: 5
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The game is really good, and plays nicely off the first game. I got past the peephole issue and was able to finish, so thanks for the quick response back about that. The game still looks great and I love the 80s references found throughout the game. The killer seems easier this time? Not sure if that was on purpose, also he no longer moos when chasing, but I loved it... Great job :-)


The killer's AI is more "Stalkerish" in this game. He's run out of a bit of energy since all the butcherin' he did up the road, hours ago (in the first game.) The first game also featured the killer in a much smaller area, less places to run away. In the NEXT game, Walls Closing In, he will have various phases and behaviors as the game progresses. Thanks again for playing King's Comfort!

(What was the issue with the peep hole? Was it simply clicking again to escape?)



That makes sense about the killer, slashing can take it out of you :-) I can't wait to play the next game. and look forward to seeing what you deviants have in store for us :-/

The peephole issue went away when I moved the game files over to my G drive (ssd) I had downloaded it on a thumb drive, and I guess that was the issue. When I clicked into a peephole, at times I would just get stuck and could not exit that view, so I'm not sure. 


I glad you did it, i wasn't able to beat this game...Really nice video Bro ))


It is a difficult game. I had a lot of trouble with the first one. Thank you GN I appreciate the complement :-)