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Need help importing my game

A topic by pokemondiamondversion created 82 days ago Views: 58 Replies: 2
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I have made decent progress in making my first bitsy game during a workshop today. However, when I arrived home to work on it further, I found that for some reason the bitsy tool doesn't seem to want to read the file. I have saved it as a .html file and chrome can read & play the game perfectly, but after I've chosen the file in the import section it says the name of the file but doesn't actually import it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (The image shows the name of my file under "import game from html file", but as you can see it hasn't changed the actual thing to my game).

I can't help with import not working but in the meantime you could try opening your HTML file in a text editor (notepad will work just fine), copying the game data and then pasting that into the game data window in the editor. This will have the same end result as importing the HTML file.

A quick walkthrough on copying game data:

Near the top of your HTML file you'll find the line "<script type="bitsyGameData" id="exportedGameData">", and underneath that will be the title of your game. You need to copy from the start of your title to just before the first "</script>" tag.

You can get to the game data window in the editor by clicking on the "tools" tab, next to where you write your game's title at the top of the screen. Delete everything that's already in there, and then paste the game data from your HTML file.

Hope this helps!

It worked! Thank you so much, you're a star! :D