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I cant explain my love for this game.

A topic by KysKyle created Aug 07, 2016 Views: 202 Replies: 1
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Holy shit, this is probably one of the best rougelikes ive ever played. The game didnt have much, but the little it did have was great. Personally i didnt experience any bugs in the, well lets just say alot, of runs i had. It had snappy and responsive controls and everytime i fucked up it was my fault and not the games. (which is always a great thing in any game) Even with the coffee and like every other +firing speed item i still fucked up alot. (until i wasnt being an idiot and finally killed the boss) This game is great and needs more attention. Hope to see a full realese, or new game by you guys :) (if this review seemed all over the place, im sorry im not very good at being professional lol)


Hey KysKyle! We're happy you enjoyed Mana Spark. We appreciate your feedback and it's good for us to hear it was an interesting experience for you!

We're working on a lot more content for the game and we hope to have a release in not much time from now. Take a look on Mana Spark's steam page to be updated whenever we have some news!

(Don't worry about "looking professional", I guess here's a place for us to be more humans than "business people" =D)