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Maid in Wonderland

A topic by Gabiszon created Nov 25, 2018 Views: 83 Replies: 1
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Hi, I'm creating a short, puzzle game in rpg makerMV, called Maid in Wonderland! (I don't know why i'm making thread this late but hey, better now than never).

I wanted to make a game inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but with my own twist.

Main character of this game is Cietyrie, maid that came to weird city named Ebermah to defeat Plague Demon. She doesn't know anything about city itself or Demon, but she meets some green kid that shows her around city. Game features a bunch of colorful and likeable characters, jazzy atmosphere, maids, bunnies, and much more!

I made most of graphic assets myself including character portraits, sprites and tilesets (excluding ground and water) 

Here are some screenshots from game~

For anyone interested game have been submitted!!

Honestly even im suprised i made it in time, but i gave my all so im happy.