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Music inspired by classic literature/poems/art: William Blake

A topic by adamjohnson created 266 days ago Views: 196 Replies: 3
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For ages now, I've been noticing how many artists seem to have been inspired by the poems and artwork of William Blake. Perhaps this phenomenon is related to the types of music I choose to listen to, perhaps not; since I intend to focus on him for a while, guess I'll be finding out!

Blake was an extremely interesting individual, a philosopher/visionary, artist and poet who was overlooked in his lifetime which was from 1757 to 1827. Two hundred years down the line, it's quite remarkable that he should pop up so often in popular music! For ease of reference, he's the author of "The Tyger".

Because I've been listening to Gordon Giltrap lately – the first example that comes to mind is his Visionary – the whole album was inspired by Blake's artworks and his words. Mr Giltrap is an acoustic and electric guitarist and composer whose work spans several genres.

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this one isn't based on Blake's works but I didn't want to start a new thread for it...

Paul Weller's superb piano ballad "wings of speed" from his brilliant "Stanley road" album from 1995 was based on

a painting by John Waterhouse, Weller says he spent hours looking at the painting in London's Tate Gallery in the early

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1990s and was trying to figure out what the lady in the painting was thinking, where she was going, and where she'd

come from and he wrote the song giving his impression of it...

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Interesting post... I can't not mention this band... There's an incredible Norwegian art rock band that did an album on The marriage of Heaven and Hell a while back... The interesting thing is that they started off as atmospheric black metal and evolved into something so far removed from that scene.... check this stuff out... And this is just after they shifted away from metal, it only gets weirder and more experimental as they progress through the years... Ulver Blake Album

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Hey, if you're interested in Blake-inspired music there's a good chance you heard about Bruce Dickinson's solo projects. He made a bunch of Blake stuff. His album "The Chemical Wedding" has a Blake art as a cover image, and if you listen to song "Jerusalem", good part of the lyrics are literally taken from "And did those feet in ancient time". Also there are a lot more indirect references all over the album. I wholeheartedly recommend it.