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P&C Demo Comes Tomorrow

A topic by doofusgames created Nov 24, 2018 Views: 22
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The demo for P&C comes tomorrow. With that said, there are a few things we need to say. First, all that you see is most likely a placeholder. NOTHING IS FINAL! Second, There will be things wrong. This is part of why we’re doing this. If you see something wrong (Design flaw, typo, etc.) or something doesn’t work, COMMENT! We are working to make this our best game.

If you are reading this post demo launch, Here’s some pointers.

  • Read the README. It’s important.
  • We will buff Enemies at launch of the full game.
  • You do start at LVL 15 with decent armor.

We are super excited to have you try our game. This will be the only demo for the game. You will also have to download the runtime package again. This is temporary and you may not have to do this in the full game. You can find the RTP Here:

Thank you for following the development of Pact & Covenant. Enjoy the Demo!