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Trafique - Low Poly Open-World Hovercab Driving

A topic by DStecks created Nov 24, 2018 Views: 200 Replies: 4
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Trafique is an open-world driving game set in a synthwave cyberpunk future. I've been working on it for a few months now, and it's my first stab at a 3D action game. I've been teaching myself 3D modelling through working on this project, so naturally I opted for a retro low-poly aesthetic. 

The widget above links to a work-in-progress protoype you can play in your browser.

I've posted some dev logs to the game page, so I won't rehash here what I wrote there. I'll just link them here:

Feature Roadmap


Welcome to Neo Montreal - intro post where I give the basic pitch for the game.

The All-Importance of Steering - a design log on my process developing the steering controls.

A Happy Accident - A small log on how my favourite design element of the vehicles wasn't originally planned for.

Putting the Player in the Driver's Seat - a rambling design log on my philosophy of narrative design.

Cyberpunk and Retrofuturism - An even more rambling blog about my approach to the game's aesthetics, and cyberpunk in general.

A minor update today.

Most of the work I've done since the last update is under-the-hood and not yet implemented. AI Driving is a pain in the butt.

Major update.

Massive refinement of the gore gameplay, including Manual Transmission, Boost That Actually Works, and Dynamic Camera Awesomeness, just to mention some of the stuff in today's huge update.

A new devlog, on how I'm overhauling the level design. Again.

I'm just really not feeling like the game will be fun if I see it through to completion with the level design that it has. It's just not nearly as fun to drive around in the city as it needs to be. I'm honestly not happy moving forward with the game until the prototype is at a point where it would make people say "why would I want to buy the full version, this is already loads of fun as it is".

This does mean though that AI driving is going to be delayed again. 

Unfortunately, overhauling the level design means overhauling the control.

Not in the sense of the basic controls and what they do to the car, but more that I need to give the cars some kind of functional suspension system, and get rid of the paradigm that assumes the car is only under control if it's on level terrain or a hand-placed slope.

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