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Shadowknight: Traverses the Terrorverse

A topic by dk5000p created Nov 15, 2018 Views: 284 Replies: 19
Viewing posts 1 to 17, the prototype for the story and first level.  The concept is you work for an organization known as the Shadowknights who are tasked with preventing fears from leaving the terrorverse and piercing the veil of the real world.  There is the master of terror, who has the ability to materialize fears and in order to efficiently scare people has compartmentalized each fear to specific worlds, so a clown world, monster world, and even a fear of old technology, which has a vhs shooting robot and is the current level of the game.  Would love some feedback on the overall concept and current gameplay.

Thanks for all the views.  Currently am working on adding a clown level and a level select.  Will post the updated game when this is completed.  Any feedback is welcome and I will try to do the same.

Hopefully will get the level selection done today and make progress for the public speaking level, a level where you traverse words and must fight your own self doubts to succeed.

Some game art.

Your robot can shoot old VHS tapes at me all the time, I love their 'imperfect' aesthetic :D


Thanks, yeah it kinda of is my style, some people find it cute, others sloppy.

Updated version located here,, I could not update my main page because I submitted this for another jam and the voting period is going despite me being the only entry.  The enemies now create bubbles and the cannons shoot, a level selection has been included and there is an intro story.

More Artwork.

The sound villain for the public speaking level., latest version of the game is now available.  Currently have the blueprints for three levels, public speaking, ancient technology, and clown/circus.  I have added a story intro screen and a level select screen.  Will be adding more voice recordings and a final boss fight.  Any and all feedback would be appreciated., latest version up, public speaking level complete, still ironing out the clown/circus, lion level needs a little work and will need the ringmaster. Then a final boss level. If there is time will add more to the ancient technology level. All feedback very appreciated

Get ready for an epic boss battle.  Probably shouldn't upload that and leave people excited for Friday.  I hope people have enjoyed what they have been able to play so far, will be adding two boss battles and maybe an addition to ancient tech level if time permits.

Boss battle uploaded, polish tonight and maybe I'll use the last day to make another entry.  Time and energy will tell.

Concept art for the appliance dragon, sadly he did not make it into the final build, but always leave people wanting more.