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Ashes of Roses

A topic by crazetex created Nov 13, 2018 Views: 179 Replies: 3
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Ashes of Roses is a Sci-Fi thriller about exorcists, Shakespeare, and a hunk with a slasher smile. It is a direct sequel to Wine & Roses, although you do not need to have played Wine to enjoy Ashes.

An elite squad of exorcists has landed on Earth hundreds of years after humans left en masse. Floating  alone above the wasteland planet is Heath, a rookie communications officer tending to the IGSS Delilah. As Argent, Carmanth, and Nynavae fight through the ruins of Fort Adder and the hellscapes below, Heath has a visitor on the starship...

  • Unique battles test your exorcism skills. Each encounter is fought once, from miserable cultists to horrible demons. 
  • Flexible characters let you fight your way. The three Roses have specialized Gifts to pick and choose from, allowing you to design your preferred play style. Strategically match their Gifts to the ancient Spells you discover within Fort Adder, letting you tackle any foe!
  • Sinister words and dire consequences threaten the mission. Humans are only human, after all, and Heath is no exception. He'll narrate the story through battle and exploration via radio calls as he drifts in orbit around a ruined Earth.

Enjoy the shortened IGMC 2018 version by the end of the month, with all the exploration taken out in favor of getting the full story and some choice battles into the judge's hands. How and when it progresses from there will depend on the contest and Degica. :)

"Am I just a mission to you?"

Finished up all the icons (I think...) I need, and have 3/11 battles done. Feeling pretty good about getting this done in time.

I released a script I modified/extended for this project --get it on RMN if you're interested!

I released a game. Please enjoy.