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UI bug? Couldn't exit modules menu because of "vignette" effect

A topic by 017Bluefield (ミハイル 青野) created Nov 11, 2018 Views: 49 Replies: 6
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I entered the modules menu, only to find that the menu had this circular vignetting covering the sides? I was able to add a module for building, but then I couldn't get out of the menu, likely because the return-to-game exit button was hidden by the vignette.


Hello! Apologies for the delayed reply. Do you have a screenshot of this issue? Can you reproduce it consistently?


This happens when I click the "Add module" button on the top-right.


That's quite odd, it's the first time I get this report. Can you contact me via e-mail so that we can continue the discussion? Unfortunately doesn't have a mechanism for sending private messages, so drop me a line via the contact form at the bottom of and we'll take it from there. Thanks!


(Clarification: I can confirm that despite this bug, I can interact with the UI elements that this vignette thing blocks out. The tooltips for the buttons still work, as do the buttons themselves. I'm just not sure where the heck the back or exit button is.)


Hello 017Bluefield! The back button is the red cross located in the top right corner, see the screenshot below. Today I've pushed a new build with some minor unrelated fixes. Give it a try, as it might have fixed your issue as well. It's tricky because I'm unable to reproduce your problem on this end unfortunately.