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Bugs in Mac version

A topic by Grey ✨ created Nov 11, 2018 Views: 128 Replies: 1
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Hi! I'm really interested in this game after enjoying some of your comics. Unfortunately, I'm having a few problems playing it on my Mac. The first is that I am unable to save my game at all. I died after getting my room key but before getting to my room and was unable to save at any point leading up to that, though I'm not sure if that was an intended feature.

The second problem is that if I open the options screen, once I close it, the game gives me the below error message and closes. I think it's possible both issues are related a certain part of the directory being labeled as "read-only" but I opened the package up and wasn't able to find the problem that way.

What I have been able to play has been very fun and interesting! I hope there's some way I can see more of the game.


hey! i'm so sorry you're having these issues; i'm working on some new fixes for a V1.3, i'll look into this one and hopefully patch it up! thanks for posting ;;