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OpenGameArt Movie Video Game

A topic by dulsi created Nov 11, 2018 Views: 95 Replies: 2
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I figured I'd finally make a post about my project. No screen shots yet. The idea comes from a game jam run by I never tried to create it because I didn't have an rpg engine to run it. I did end up writing the OpenGameArt Movie Novel for NaNoWriMo. I don't believe that counts as prior development as it was written as a novel not something to develop into a video game.

OpenGameArt Movie Video Game is an rpg based off a fictional movie. The movie is kinda Lego Movie like. You have characters and settings from a variety of artwork styles. The bad guy doesn't like this and is trying to turn the entire world into the Liberated Pixel Cup style.

It is using a new rpg engine I'm writing. I know I said I didn't have an rpg engine to use last time. The difference is I've been working on this since the start of the contest instead of learning of it late. I also have more experience since I've been writing Color Monsters for the Tiny Arcade. Hopefully I will have more to share soon.

Well, my engine is coming along but alas I don't think I will be able to implement everything I envision. Not sure if I will dummy up some screens to show some of my ideas or just go with what I can reasonably complete.

Decided to write a postmortem of my game.