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Lucerna Tenebris - Fantasy RPG

A topic by Dragon Emperors created Nov 10, 2018 Views: 823 Replies: 2
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Lucerna Tenebris

Rex and Regina are young and energetic teens looking to start their first adventure, but humans are not the only race who fight the monsters.

Lucerna Tenebris is a fantasy RPG set in a world where Deities and Demon fought, consequently altering numbers of animals into monsters and humans into demi-humans. In response to humanity's treatment to demi-humans, they united themselves to survive against human tyranny, while humans created a guild of adventurers to repel both monsters and demi-humans.

The engine we're using is RPGMaker VX Ace, with several scripts combined to give a new gameplay and mechanics.

About Us

We are Dragon Emperors, featuring Tyler as our guest composer. We started the project as a two programmers and two artists team, but after a series of events Tyler joined to help us.

November 5th

Trial was made for the custom battle system, starting by integrating two cores: sideview battle and grid system.

November 9th

More stuffs added to the battle system - Active Time Battle and YEA integration was put.

November 11th

Adopted ability system from Grandia.

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Three new updates over the past week! I'm pretty embarrassed that I went out on Saturday so I kinda missed the chance to promote more on screenshot saturday!

November 12th

WIP title screen.

November 16th

Menu and characters.

November 18th

Battle UI.

It's awfully close to submission deadline D:
These are the updates for today,

November 26th

Menu UI, mostly done

Battle HUD, also mostly done

And last but not least, new title screen!

That's all for today!