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Retro Hacker

Retro Hacker simulates hacking from a computer terminal with a text based operating system. · By RetroHackerDeveloper

Very high System requirements

A topic by durdomvkvadrate created Nov 09, 2018 Views: 61 Replies: 1
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Lol. Text-based game requires Directx 11 compatible graphics card.

Developer (3 edits)

The game has been out for about 6 months on Steam since early access. This is the very first time such a complaint has come up. According to gamer statistics only about .25% of the gaming population would have anything less than Directx 11. It doesn't make sense to code in Directx 9.x anymore. It is not a valid complaint.

I chose a graphics API to allow for font stretching when going full screen. I could of done console only but I chose not to. If customers requested it though I would do console only as an alternate .exe file.