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Hardware Tycoon

Design and sell hardware to outdo the competition in this free tycoon! · By Haxor

[Functionalities] [Improvments] [BugFixes] My Features ideas

A topic by Hybris95 created Nov 08, 2018 Views: 213 Replies: 1
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Current Gameplay Improvments :

- Save the latest parameters for CPU build and Marketing
- Pay the taxes for each product produced and sold
and just say at the end of the year how much was spent in taxes instead of "KABOUM TAXES!!"
- There is at the moment no interest in using different Brand names
- The purpose to produce a kind of chip rather than another is not pushed forward, especially when we have 100% of the market

BugFix :

- CPU Clock number is restored but not the unit. And when we switch to MHz it changes the number to 0.
- Popularity can go over 100%
- Even if we sell no products at all, the market can be empty from opponents

Functionalities :

- Allow us to sell multiple products at the same time
- Allow us to see the history of Market in a chart (X=time, Y=%ofMarket, various lines for each Product or Brand)
- Have more uses for current banking
- Unlock more products in research as the time goes on
- Making a huge mistake does not reduce the popularity (like selling a shitty processor after selling only decent ones over a decade)
- Show the market on the left side of the screen, to avoid always going to market and missing big events
- Have a "News" tab on the upper part to be informed right away when something important happens - new products, concurrent stopping

Comments :

- There is a lack of final objective, it sounds like an infinite game, but after some time the game ends since there is no more research to do and no battle for concurrent

  • Instead of saving last used settings in marketing I added an ability to check all checkboxes at once; I can make it save the last build quality though.
  • Tax works a little different as of now:
  • Brands will be expanded on in later updates.
  • I am not sure what you mean here. Is this about the fact that you can keep producing the same CPU over and over?
  • Do you mean that clock is saved just like you want build quality to be in your first point? I'll look into it.
  • That is listed as a known issue ( and has been fixed in 0.2.8.
  • That's because Hardware Tycoon is in a very early development stage. As you can see here:, there aren't many competitors for now. I've added some new ones in 0.2.8.
  • That  will come in later updates.
  • I will think about a window dedicated to stats, graphs and charts.
  • Such as?
  • Same story as competing CPUs; more research has been added in 0.2.8 and I will continue to implement more content.
  • I have yet to rethink the purpose of popularity, I will either make it work similarly to 'fans' in other tycoon games or as an indicator of your customers' happiness. I will make changes to how it affects and is affected by things afterward.
  • I have added news when a CPU comes out in 0.2.8.
  • ^
  • Same story as competing CPUs and research. I will add research and competitors until ~2020-2035 and then count your score.

Thanks for the feedback, not many people decide to list everything so nicely!