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Crash to desktop

A topic by nulljdq created Jul 27, 2016 Views: 187 Replies: 4
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Hey, just bought this and played for a bit. I was doing the normal mission and made it to day 5, when suddenly it just crashed. I'm using the itch.io app on a 64bit Linux, sandbox is disabled. Are there any logs I could post?

Also, autosaves would be nice, I lost all my progress because of this. Still, nice game and the graphics are super cute, I love it. :3


Ahhh, I'm sorry, that really sucks :( - autosave would definitely be a good thing for me to add in. To at least help prevent total loss of progress.

If you'd like to share your log file, you can get it from the Itch app by opening up a tab for MoonBase (left sidebar) , then right click on it, there should be a menu option for Developer -> Open Debug Log (https://i.imgur.com/SVPw1e2.png). Then you can email that over to me at cairn4games@gmail.com and I'll try and see if I can figure out what might have caused the crash. Chances are it's probably affecting other people as well.

Well, it's to be expected with games in development. Anyways, I sent the logfile over, hopefully you can learn something from that.


After digging through it a bit more last night, I figured out why it crashed, but couldn't really figure out how the game managed to get itself into that state in the first place. Seemed like the inventory manager thought you had more items in it than you actually did. Really weird. Will have to keep testing. Thanks for letting me know!

Heh, interesting. IIRC it happened while I was crafting something, maybe it added the crafted item before removing the ingredients? I hope you'll figure it out, I encountered it again yesterday. I don't quite remember what I was doing yesterday, but looking at the logs the last actions before the crash was crafting a plant, so it may very well have something to do with crafting.