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Challange: Complete SaiBorRai"One of hardest FPS games ever created"

A topic by hyraxgames created 13 days ago Views: 23
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SaiBorRai is created by ME! as an attempt to create the most difficult FPS game. Here is the outline.

1. Your weapons sometime does not work depending on if your enemy brinked them or not. 

 2. Your Weapons Jam a lot, and that means you gotta run as fast as you can away from the combat zone to unjam them.

 3. Their are easter eggs that sometimes shut down the game depending on if you're being greedy or not 

 4. Enemies literally oneshot you even with 500 health but only if they have a specific weapon and their weapons are randomized

So as a challange, try to complete SaiBorRai, and if you do, you will be mentioned as True Samurai of Funabashi Street

What's not to love about that? I am most certain 99% of people are not gonna reach the train station because if the Goons don't kill you, the Serious Hyrax dudes will for sure do that Unless you find the spirit of the Samurai and find a really good strategy to defend them.

After all, you play as Nakano, The super awesome Bad*ass Cyborg Samurai with a mega super duper depressing backstory on a big revenge mission...

Hope to see at least someone complete it as neither the beta-tester or myself has been able to do so

SaiBorRai by hyraxgames (