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Sentimental Trickster: English BL/yaoi visual novel [only 4 days left on KS!]

A topic by Lazuli created Jul 26, 2016 Views: 1,093 Replies: 3
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9.08.16 The game has been STEAM GREENLIT! After only 13 days! Thank you for voting and spreading the word :)

I'm the sole creator of the game and would love to hear your opinion on it! I'm open to constructive criticism and want to improve. I know that my art is not perfect, but the demo is really fun, please try it out :) The protagonist might look silly, but he has guts and snark. Some of the players said he's a bit similar to Aoba from Dramatical Murder (for those of you into BL). You might like him :) Completing the demo will take only about 1 hour of your time. It has 5 endings. As for my writing style, maybe I should just tell you about my favorite books. It's The Dresden Files and Sandman Slim.

Sentimental Trickster relies on the player's choices. Those choices include which guy you want to be with, but also ethical issues, what you deem right doing at the time. All my characters have scars of some sort and it's up to the player if he/she wishes to heal or rub salt. The protagonist himself hides a lot. I'm not making a game for smut's sake here (although I do enjoy those scenes as well and the game is going to be 18+). I wish to give players something deeper.

I've been making Sentimental Trickster non-stop for the last couple of months and I'm slowly running out of money, so I've decided to get some funding on Kickstarter. If you like the demo, please spread the word!

You can download the demo and find out more about the game here:



Here's something about the characters:

Please, let me know what you think!

The game has been STEAM GREENLIT! Yay :)

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New CGs :) [18+ NSFW!] Jin x Haru CLICK to view

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Only 4 days of the Kickstarter campaign left~