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Sample Files and Manual Update

A topic by dunnius created Nov 06, 2018 Views: 151
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I updated the sample files and the manual.  It should be a bit more clear what the columns mean, and how the files should be set up.  Here is a link to the files until these are added to the next update.

This section in the manual for the file format was modified to explain the columns better:

The first column is the title, and in the following lines, the name of the splits.
The second column is the best splits.  This stores as an elapsed time, not run time, the fastest elapsed time for the split.  Displaying this column as run time will show the accumulated times and will show as the final split what the optimal run time should be.
The remainder of the columns except the last are for comparison splits, used to compare the current run against multiple sets of splits.
The last column is the best run.  This is the splits that will be replaced when saved.