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Walaber's Pro Gymnast

Challenging & Addictive physics-based Acrobatics! · By Walaber Entertainment

Pre-Alpha General Feedback

A topic by Walaber Entertainment created Nov 06, 2018 Views: 180 Replies: 12
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Please reply in this thread with general feedback on Pro Gymnast version 0.3.1 (pre alpha).  If you find a specific bug, please post that as a new thread and include as much information as you can in order to help me reproduce and fix the issue.

Some basic questions for testers:

1. Did the game run OK on your computer?

2. Did your gamepad or controller work properly?  any control issues?

3. What did you think of the core gymnast controls?

4. Any feedback on the existing test levels?

5. Any feedback on the level editor?

6. Was it fun? :)


Version 0.3.2 is now up, with control improvements and an added "single stick" control scheme option.  Toggle (and test out in a special control test level) from the settings menu.

Just had about an hour of playtime. Had some controller issues but I figured it out(Crappy controller) it took a minute to remember the controls from the original gymnast game but eventually started to remember. tried the single stick controls too but I'm just too used to the original way to play. looks beautiful, really like the quality. will play much more this week and keep reporting.


I've been working on a variety of things, I hope to have a new version up in about a week.  It has some tweaks to the slow-mo "focus" system, trajectory preview when in slow-mo, and an alpha replay system that will let you export gameplay directly into MP4 files from within the game.

This is awesome stuff from you Walaber, as always! Thank you for letting us try the current state, it's exciting to see where Pro Gymnast is at! This is going to be a definite buy from me, as all of your work is. Too much childhood time was spent happily with stunt, trampoline and gymnast without gratification.

The matt 3D physics are fantastic, it's clear that you have a lot of experience in that area from your other games. The tutorials are very well done, the realtime pose check system you have built is fantastic for training players. This is a great demonstration of learning from usability testing!

My first overall impression is that it handles a lot faster than Gymnast did, maybe something to get used to, too early to say. Currently it's a bit off for me and the slow-motion feature is now a must-use, whereas I liked to do a lot of tries in Gymnast without it. Now it's just too fast to judge when to let go.

The projected trajectory you get in slow-motion is super handy. Is this planed to be a feature to stay or a testing tool? 

hello, i can't play, i choose tutorial, and other scene ; the menu system works but i get blocked on first frame , i see the player and a yellow shere but no key move the player :/ i need to try with keyboard


Meral_Harbes: thank you for the feedback!  It's funny, I was looking at a video of the original "gymnast" the other day, and I was surprised at how slow the game was!  I think it's a good point that the current game is indeed much faster.  Perhaps I can include some options in the settings menu to set the overall speed of the game, as well as how much the "focus" mode slows things down as well.  The trajectory preview is indeed intended as a feature in the final game. 

farfadet46: Thanks for the bug report.  Several other players reported the same thing.  I've just uploaded a new Windows build, please let me know if it fixes the issue, as the cause was something that's difficult for me to reproduce on my computer.

I feel the legs and arms rotation through sticks should be applied on the world system rather than local.

Correct me if I'm wrong but right now it looks like when I push the stick on the right the char will move his legs/arms forward whatever direction is facing, which means the stick orientation must be adjusted every time the char is flipping, and given how fast and randomly he can spin sometimes it's just humanly impossible to do.

If it's set on world system the player would just have to take the character position in account and no more his rotation, which would make the use of sticks more interesting.

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Hi Walaber,

I am really enjoying the game so far! I have been consistently playing the 2D version since it came out and am delighted with the 3D update.

To be honest, it took a while to become familiar with the new control scheme. I was going to suggest remapping the right analog stick to match that of the original - allowing for the R2 trigger to become the release button - but I am starting to like it after a few hours of playing.

I agree with other comments that the game feels too fast, but I like the idea that the speed might be under the control of the player. The slower speed of the original allowed for more precise tricks, releases and catches. However, that hasn't stopped me from catching a Liukin (Stretched Tkatchev with 1/1 twist)!


Just as an aside: although I do enjoy the speed of resetting, I think the button is in a poor position - it's right between twisting and releasing. Would you consider making the "Select" button the reset button? 

Looking forward to future updates!



Kakeb141: To make sure I understand... you find it difficult to grab bars and other objects because you have to manage the gymnast's arms relative to his body, instead of just relative to the world?  The challenge is that if the controls were relative to the world, you would have to constantly spin the control sticks in order to do things like a tuck position, or swing around the bar.  Please let me know if I understand your problem correctly.  If so, I have a few ideas of things that might make the game a bit easier.

Ged: thanks for the feedback!  regarding the button mapping: I can definitely consider changing the default mapping, but I also intend to have a button re-mapping screen in the game as well so players can change the buttons to whatever they like.  I'll try to get that into the game soon so people can test it.

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Yes this is exactly what I meant, and I agree with you about the tuck position example, so I'm wondering if only the arms should be relative to the world. I'm convinced that would make bars grabbing easier.


OK, thank you for clarifying.  I have a few ideas on this, let me give it some thought, and hopefully have something for you to try in a future update.

First I want to mention that I didn't even know there was a previous "Gymnast" before reading this thread, so I cannot make any comparison.

1. The game ran perfectly, except for when I accidentally exported a replay. I had to kill the process because it took too long to finish and could not close the window normally. Some way to cancel the export would be nice.

2. I had no controller issue.

3. I played with the two sticks setting and thought it was a clever and mostly intuitive way to control the gymnast, though I had similar thoughts as Kakeb. I'm definitely curious about your ideas about this. About the physics, I think they're fine, but also think it would be worth experimenting with slower speed and maybe a more rigid gymnast. I feel he wobbles a lot wich makes him more unpredictable.

I would have prefered if the slow down feature was a toggle instead of a countdown. As it is now, I have to watch my slow down meter carefully to not be surprised by a return to full speed or accidentally lock myself into constant slow motion. 

4. You did a great job with the current levels. I like the variety and the difficulty. I also really hope you keep your levels as short as they are now in the final game. I think it's the key to making your game fun instead of frustrating. It makes it almost painless to restart multiple times. I do have some comments on specific levels though:

In "Time the Drops", I found the last "jump" annoying. The sudden acceleration of the bottom bar sometimes made the guy move uncontrollably and stops only for a moment not giving me time to slow down or aim. Every time I successfully made this jump I attribute to luck.

My least liked level is "Slide Along". I have no idea what is the correct way to make the jump from the rail to the last bar and I barely know how to traverse the rails. There's probably a trick but I cannot figure it out.

In "Rope Traverse" and "Transfer Variety", sometimes ropes make "knots" wich aren't realistic or fun to undo. Also when I let go of a rope, the guy sometimes regrabs it and kills my trajectory. Maybe disable grabbing as long as RB is pressed down?

5. I still have to try the level editor. No comment at the moment!

6. I think this is the kind of game that gets more fun the better you are at it, but yes I did have fun :)

That's all I have to say for now! Keep in mind that I do like the game and only played for a few hours :)