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Time Splits are adding.... HELP!

A topic by Juanq42 created Nov 05, 2018 Views: 64 Replies: 2
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I have to record a speed run for one of my classes but I have not been able to solve the Time Split Tracker app. I am trying to reflect the top 5 times for a Super Smash Bros N64 speed run, but each of their individual times get added to the next. Instead of reflecting the 2nd place time as 7:55.99, it instead gets added to the first place time (15 minutes-ish) and so on. Any help with making the split file would be great! This is what I have so far....

0 0.00 images\clouds.jpg
No Comparisons Best Splits
1st: pikashy 7:25.46

2nd: appar1tion 7:55.99

3rd: InprisonedShadow 8:41.38

4th: athenshorseparty 9:05.99

5th: century_marc 9:35.07

You need to have a column between the split name and the Best Run (you can rename this columns), which is Best Splits, which is the time (stored as duration) for that split.  This column adds up each duration in the column and shows a guess for the optimal best run.

I see that the file that you based this on is incorrect for some reason.  I don't know how that slipped by for all this time.  I will update this for the Windows/WINE version, and have Time Split Tracker add the best splits column automatically if there is only one column, and pass them along to Eric whenever he comes back.

I also made an update the files and manual to help make this more clear.  Thread here: