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[Unity]Looking for Jam Partners (unpaid, learning experience)

A topic by AlbinoStoic created Jul 24, 2016 Views: 402 Replies: 3
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Cross-posted on my Twitter :

Open invitation to anyone wanting to just learn / work with / get better at using Unity 5. I'll be using the FREE version of course, and the project can be shared via either private Git, or public Git (such as GitHub) should everyone agree to release the source code Open Source.

Would love to learn with others, it's lonely here :P.


Basic project information (general direction): "Area Defender" (currently 2D Overhead, but 3D would work too.)

  • Destructable buildable structures
  • Defend some mcguffin/base/workers
  • Destructable environments (voxel or approximation)
  • Game Mode: Waves/rounds of "something" that can attack the "something"
  • Game Mode: Player vs Player ?

I've prototyped these and a few other ideas, not sure which are good yet.


I've spoken with two different 2D artists on Twitter ( @AlbinoStoic ) over the course of the last four days, and have made some great connections. I understand everyone is already busy with their own projects by the looks of things, so I might have to find a Jam circuit to find more learning partners.

We did a small C# project, was a 1v1 multiplayer (internet) battle game.

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I have a course I'm taking on Unity 5 game dev, but I'm not that great at code yet. I can however draw. I'll PM you a link to my tumblr so you can scroll through my recent works. not sure if I'm what you're looking for but any experience I can get right now is an asset :)

**EDIT** Can't PM on here. hmmmmm.

Nope, no such thing as PM it seems. Can message me on Skype or Twitter @AlbinoStoic