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The Stats of P&C

A topic by doofusgames created Nov 01, 2018 Views: 24
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In Pact & Covenant, there are two different kinds of stats. There are Base Stats, and Temporary Stats. These stats are different and unique in that Base stats stay with Vasilias and Companions Permanently, whereas Temporary Stats exist only in conversation.

Base Stats help with battles. Their values are determined by your level, and what you have equipped, as some things increase these values. These stats are vital and will be needed to win battles.

On the contrary, Temporary stats are used in conversation. There are 2 variations of Temporary Stats: Persuasion and Intimidation.

Persuasion, while being the harder method to convince people, is definitely friendlier. This method won’t deteriorate people’s view of Vasilias.

On the other hand, intimidation is less friendlier, but easier. This WILL Deteriorate peoples view of Vasilias.