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Cloudflare :/

A topic by amphetamine created Jul 22, 2016 Views: 267 Replies: 3
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If you're on a VPN or something like it, the nuts.itch (lol) and ovh endpoints will return HTTP 403 when requested from the desktop app (linux). If you visit them in a browser, you get (yay) the Cloudflare Google CAPTCHA game.

But--winning the game doesn't actually improve the situation for all of the endpoints (ovh, for example). It gets a little bit further at requesting but doesn't actually complete login.

Also, the error log widget is real small? See for an example.

Anyway, to reproduce: get a trial VPN and run the app. Let it check for updates. Watch it fail. Be sad.


Do you happen to know what country your VPN is requesting from? We've had some issues in the past and got around it by white-listing the countries. At this point though, since that domain is just used to host files, I don't think it matters if we whitelist everyone.


I suppose we could add an IP range that includes all IPs (not sure how IPv6 ranges work though?)

Sorry for not following up on this earlier!

I think Sweden is the most common country the VPN assigns as an exit. I'm happy to test it.