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Nowhere Prophet

A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Hope ?

A topic by chienrouge created Oct 25, 2018 Views: 141 Replies: 2
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Hey ! I'be just started the game (lvl 2) and for now, i like it. But i've got a problem. The hope of my convoy is at 27 and i don't understand how to share luxury goods with them to raise it. What are luxury's (i don't think i have found any ) and how to do that ?


Oki. My bad, i've just found the answer at a market.

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Just to answer this for anyone else:

To add hope, you need comfort items (purple background). These you can find in shops, in fights or in events. Do use them you need to camp somewhere, inspect your convoy and then click on the item of choice. From there you can hit the SHARE button. This way you share the item with your people, improving your hope.

That said: Yeah, I think the sharing-items-with-convoy thing isn't working perfectly. The fact that you had trouble with it is clear evidence. I think it either needs a tutorial that explains how to do this OR it needs to be removed and hope items are auto-shared, just like food is. I didn't want that because 

  • a) hope items can be sold for a lot of batteries so you have this choice between share and sell and 
  • b) manually sharing items makes you more actively care for the convoy - through actual player actions

But to be honest, I'm not sure these worked out as planned. Any additional thoughts on this would be helpful :D