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Amazing work! (SPOILERS)

A topic by papercookies created Oct 24, 2018 Views: 136 Replies: 1
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I really loved this. You captured the LSD aesthetic and feel perfectly. Every stage has so much depth to it and it really feels like you're experiencing small little narratives throughout the game. Some of my favourite parts was when the monster cat got released from his cage and when I finally figured out you could go underwater by standing under the droplet.

I usually get too scared when playing these type of games and quit preemptively, but I'm really glad I stuck through. When I went back to collect more cats I was presently surprised by just how much more there is to the game than on first sight. The random elements were very rewarding and I really enjoyed finding more stuff. I feel like there's probably bits I'm missing!

Anyways, I really like this game a lot and I look forward to what you bring out in the future! Kudos to you!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! There are a lot of different events and some of them a have a pretty low chance of occurring. There's most likely still more for you to see. I want to add an LSD-style teleport mechanic so that you can just wander and see where the game takes you, but I think I need to make some more areas first. I do plan on adding more to this game in the future, so keep an eye out!