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Drifting on Mount Akina. Lit. · By Amir Rajan

Any plans on a Android or IOS release?

A topic by CandianDrift created Oct 23, 2018 Views: 138 Replies: 4
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As the title says, just curious if there will be a mobile release


Mayyyybeee. Virtual controls are really really tricky on mobile. So I've resisted for now. What do you think of the desktop version? Like it?

I have had a bit of fun with it so far, just a couple of things I've noticed

The 86 seems to steer from the back, not like a drift but more like a forklift, on top of that the controls feel a bit to heavy for the size of the track. The art style is great i love the way the track looks. Some things that i think would be cool...

multiple cars to pick from

multiple tracks

sound effects

being able to break or slow down with out causing the car to slide.

i really am enjoying the game so far tho keep up the great work


Thanks for the feedback.

Sound effects is definitely going to be added. I'll look into the forklift thing too.

As for new tracks, that'll be paid content I'll add later. I figured I'd give one track for free and then have another game that gives you all the other tracks. What do you think would be a fair price for that?

That would really depend on the size of the track/how many are added and what else is added. Let's say you keep the art style, add a couple new tracks maybe another car or two I could easily see 5.99. now if the graphics were made more realistic, a bunch new tracks and cars, sound effects, ai etc I'd pay like 20 to 25 range.