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Please provide Steam keys to Pro owners. Sticky

A topic by scooterbaga created Oct 22, 2018 Views: 452 Replies: 6
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It only seems fair that early supports would receive a Steam key. Thanks.

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- Firstly , an issue is that this is a VR only release that many pro users can't use. I'm still thinking the solution for it.

- Secondly any key gift will only be provided after the app release. Thank you for your understanding.

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Well, thanks for considering it.

I'm not sure why some people would not be able to use it? There are plenty of VR games that show up in both sections of their libraries. Are you not allowed to provide the non-VR functionality?

Also, it'd be an avenue to generate good reviews. Not that it wouldn't get them anyway.

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By "can't use it" i just mean 3DNes starts as a non-VR emulator for a very long time before fully support VR so most users purchased it to play on their PC without VR headset so they even just don't have a headset to play Steam 3DNesVR version. That's  what i mean.

"Are you not allowed to provide the non-VR functionality?" : I'm allowed and i can do it. But putting everything, every feature in the same code takes a lot of time trust me. I'm eventually planing to do it but i don't think  i could finish it before Steam release.


I think we should support this project by re-buying it on steam. The dev is putting endless hours in it and that should be honoured. I understand that it is tempting to get all upgrades for free but I also know that a dev (with kids) has to make a living :)

For all Pro users: please check your download page to get your Steam key.

Steam key activation worked great.   Thanks!