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Pretty much a rip off

A topic by Pandasdontfly created Oct 22, 2018 Views: 203 Replies: 2
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This game is a rip off of an old game called cube world so much is the same mostly the map the map is so copied so yea still good for a copy.


Cube world was one of my inspirations for this game but I also tried to give my game an identity of its own by its unique artstyle and different features. If after reviewing this features you still think my game is a copy, I am open to discuss with you what can be further changed so that Project Hedra can improve

As one of the original players of Cube World, I can say that this isn't a ripoff. Though it has similar features and as Zaphyk stated,"Cube world was one of my inspirations for this game..." this is NOT a ripoff, it just has similar features. (Also, Cube World is no longer buy-able and while the developer still (barely) works on it, I still consider the game dead.)