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Bug as of 0.40 (Arrow Kills You When Walking)

A topic by Apin created Oct 21, 2018 Views: 63 Replies: 6
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Hello there. I came across this game and I thought I would like it so I downloaded it. It loaded fine and everything. I chose the archer (like most games) but the shooting is a little weird. If you shoot while walking, you will shoot yourself (which will kill you) and also the arrows don't go straight. I shot at a goat and the arrows curved towards it. I don't know if this is a game mechanic or not but it caused me to delete the game until the next update (hoping it gets fixed(the shooting while walking is why I uninstalled not the curvy arrows)). Thanks for reading!



This is a very strange issue, so I need to ask a few questions to understand it further. When shooting yourself did you see the arrow model? Was the game laggy while playing? (it might be a framerate issue). Also can you send me the log.txt file in the game's folder? It will help me debug the issue better

If you can provide a video or a gif it would be of great help

The arrows curving is expected as they are affected by gravity

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I am 100% it's not a framerate issue but I'm not able to send a video right now. I can later since I'm not at home. I was able to see the arrow for a split second. I was walking, I shot, I lost a lot of health which caused my character to sit down with the confused ring thing going around his head. Also you said the arrow was affected by gravity like bullet drop? It curved to the left. I shot it turned left and curved back to hit the goat. Hopefully I can record that to.

Your game blocked out my main recording software (windows gamebar which is on the highest quality) so I had to use OBS (I don't know the best settings so the video is low quality. Sorry about that.) I use the three arrow shoot thing since it doesn't happen much when using the single arrow shot but it still does happen. Also I noticed something new. When I was shooting at the fox (you can see the weird side curving), some of the arrows that went past it or missed still took damage from the fox. I would shoot and the arrow would go around the fox but it would still take damage. I'll post the video link once it is done uploading to youtube. :)

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There you go kind sir. You have to wait a little while since this video was JUST uploaded, it can only go to 360p. 1080p should be available sooner or later.


Okay, thanks for the video now I get what you are experiencing. The fox thing is definetely a bug, but its caused by the mobs having bigger hitboxes than they should.

I released a new version today and I fixed something similar to the arrow issue, can you try it out and let me know if it keeps happening?

Thanks for letting me know.


Its fixed! Thanks!